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Bullet Articles
  - Eurocrat obsession with revenue blinds them to the harm caused by VAT - David Coburn MEP
  - UKIP MEP Patrick O'Flynn questions EU tax commissioner on VAT flexibility
  - You lot can work towards a standard VAT regime controlled by Brussels - Patrick O'Flynn MEP
  - EU obsession with tax harmonisation suffocating small online businesses - Nathan Gill MEP
  - EU VAT on digital products crippling small businesses - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - Bloom: If you really want to get rid of VAT fraud, get rid of the tax
  - Is the EU anti-fraud office being consulted on EU cross-border VAT fraud? - Marta Andreasen MEP

Bullet News
  - EU court ruling on energy-saving about accumulating more money for EU and showing power over VAT system
  - Small enterprises duped by Cameron government on EU VAT burden
  - EU forces online SMEs to register for VAT from Jan 1st, 2015
  - VAT is an EU Tax - Margot Parker MEP
  - EU property tax proposal would only deepen economic crisis
  - Paul Nuttall attacks EU plans for 20% VAT on new homes
  - EU Stealth Tax