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Bullet Articles
  - 'Global Compact' will make Europeans minorities in their own lands - UKIP Leader Gerard Batten
  - Flooding Western nations with millions of illegal migrants - UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP
  - More European integration is the cause of heightened nationalism - James Carver MEP
  - Turkish regime used migrant crisis to pull EU's strings - James Carver MEP
  - The EU is Not a Nation - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - UK status in UN Security Council under EU threat - Diane James MEP
  - The EU cannot replace nations in the United Nations - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - The EU has no place in the UN - Jill Seymour MEP
  - A display of EU neocolonialism - James Carver MEP
  - The UN has been greatly inadequate in the face of refugee crisis - Steven Woolfe MEP
  - UN failure is forcing refugees into a double exodus - Nathan Gill MEP
  - EU seeks permanent UN seat at the expense of Britain and France - Jim Carver MEP
  - EU trade policy: an instrument for specific political goals - William Dartmouth MEP
  - EU Report puts at risk UK seat on UN Security Council
  - Chipping away at the UK's permanent seat on the UN Security Council
  - De-industrialising Europe through global warming alarmism - Roger Helmer
  - EU encroaches upon national prerogatives over UN Arms Trade Treaty

Bullet News
  - 'Broken record' EU repeating itself on UN power grab
  - EU`s new UN status marks the end of British foreign policy