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Bullet Articles
  - EU meddling is dissolving sugar industry in Europe - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - EU policy distorting markets, producing perverse incentives - Stuart Agnew
  - I hope the Commission is forced to wake up and smell the cane - Stuart Agnew
  - Early scrapping of sugar quotas detrimental to British sugar beet sector
  - Will EU competition rules hit UK sugar growers union? - Stuart Agnew
  - EU sugar quota rules resulting in London layoffs - Gerard Batten
  - EU plans to dissolve Tate & Lyle's 'Mr Cube'
  - Stuart Agnew demonstrates that a muddle-free CAP is impossible to achieve
  - Sugar production: How sweet a future for the EU? - Stuart Agnew

Bullet News
  - Life would be sweeter outside the tariff-imposing EU
  - EU plans to dissolve Tate & Lyle`s `Mr Cube`
  - Global warming hoax hits British sugar beet growers