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Bullet Articles
  - The British flag is not offensive, says President Schulz
  - Paul Nuttall: You remind me of Comical Ali, Mr Van Rompuy
  - Euro crisis motion against outgoing President Barroso rejected by President Schulz
  - Paul Nuttall: We expect no further shenanigans, Mr President Schulz
  - Nigel Farage takes on the Eurocrats about the meaning of democracy
  - Farage vs Schulz: The First Confrontation
  - Farage: We Don't Want a Global Superpower EU, Mr President Schulz
  - Should treaty changes be endorsed by referendums? Dartmouth to Schulz
  - Nigel Farage: EU buying its own debt will mean ECB debt crisis

Bullet News
  - Memo to President Schulz
  - Political blackmail by federalists leads to MEP resignation and collapse of EFDD group in European Parliament
  - EP President Schulz has declared war on British nominee for Commission - Nigel Farage
  - EU will run out of money by mid-November - UKIP advocates selling EU buildings to raise money
  - Farage: Who is an extremist, Mr Schulz?
  - Secret ballot: Do they have no shame?
  - Farage Accuses Schulz of Breaking Rules of Procedure
  - Schulz presidency `an agreed stitch up` - Farage
  - Docking my lunch-money will not stop me speaking out - Bloom
  - Bloom enlists YouTube in fascism furore
  - Proof of double standards in the European Parliament
  - UKIP MEPs stand behind Bloom's sentiments
  - Godfrey Bloom is given the Soviet treatment
  - You lack respect towards Commission, Barroso tells Farage