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Bullet Articles
  - The foolish concept of decarbonising Europe's economy - Jonathan Bullock MEP
  - Brexit will rid Britain of absurd Green energy targets - Jonathan Bullock MEP
  - Green energy is eating its own tail - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Green policies threaten to send us back to the Dark Ages - Roger Helmer MEP
  - There's a shortage of CO2 in the atmosphere for optimum plant growth - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - A deliberate policy to drive up energy prices - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Green targets causing high energy prices - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - Obsession with renewables will hasten European decline
  - Helmer: Speculative climate science destroying European economies
  - Helmer: EU institutions creating all sorts of barriers to industry
  - The Most Expensive Failure in History - Roger Helmer MEP
  - The Mood has Shifted on Renewables - Roger Helmer
  - The madness of EU obsession with biofuels and renewables
  - EU Energy Roadmap is Wasteful, Unnecessary and Unaffordable
  - A Challenge to Agriculture: High-fertility farmland for subsidised solar panels
  - Renewables pushing us over energy capacity cliff - Roger Helmer
  - Spending huge amounts of money to destroy our economy
  - Driving up energy prices: making Europe hopelessly uncompetitive - Roger Helmer

Bullet News
  - 'Consensus'? What 'consensus'?
  - The sun drives climate, not CO2
  - UKIP welcome Commission decision to ditch renewable energy targets
  - EU energy policy: World's most expensive failure?
  - Cameron fiddling at the margin on green levies
  - Time for a common sense approach to our energy crisis
  - Lost in a green nightmare
  - Stuart Agnew attacks mad EU biofuels policy
  - The Coalition con on `green energy`
  - `Sustainable energy` just isn`t... well, sustainable