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Bullet Articles
  - UK should regulate veterinary medicine, and post-Brexit we will - Julia Reid MEP
  - Pet animal tracking not a job for Eurocrats - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU should not be regulating clinical trials - Julia Reid MEP
  - Protecting national habitat is a national responsibility - Julia Reid MEP
  - The climate change industry has become a powerful vested interest - Julia Reid MEP
  - UKIP MEPs expose voting sham in the European Parliament
  - We need no EU bureaucracy to rule on what we eat - Julia Reid MEP
  - Each member state should have power to ban GMO products - Julia Reid MEP
  - Climate change chimera is costing EU jobs and investments - Julia Reid MEP
  - Britain should have the autonomy to legislate on food production - Julia Reid MEP
  - Over-regulation will not promote the re-industrialisation of Europe - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU energy market mechanisms are impoverishing European industries - Julia Reid MEP
  - Nonsensical EU legislation is de-industrialising Europe - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU alone in saddling itself with stringent climate change targets - Julia Reid MEP
  - Muddled EU thinking on food labelling and consumers' right to know - Julia Reid MEP
  - Reinforcing failure with global warming myth - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU must not reverse benefits of falling energy costs - Julia Reid MEP
  - Endangered species: yet another EU power grab - Julia Reid MEP

Bullet News
  - Under pressure from massive public campaign, MEPs vote to keep Freedom of Panorama