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Bullet Articles
  - Building a criminal justice system for an EU Police State - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Police crackdown in Catalunya cannot be brushed under the carpet - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - How far could EU 'police cooperation' go before infringing on national sovereignty?
  - A cloud of authoritarianism floats over the citizens of Europe - Steven Woolfe MEP
  - Police forces can and do cooperate without the paraphernalia of political union
  - Justice for WPC Yvonne Fletcher - Gerard Batten
  - EU Criminal Justice: Tories selling their countrymen down the river
  - Cameron handing out powers on a plate - Gerard Batten
  - EU creating its very own police state - Gerard Batten
  - Marta Andreasen votes against approving irregular EU Police College accounts

Bullet News
  - European Arrest Warrant 'Proportionality Test' is a red herring
  - UKIP strongly opposed to the creation of European Public Prosecutor
  - Lib-Dem MEP: 'Let's see German Police on British Streets'
  - Budgeting towards an EU police state
  - Opting out of EU criminal justice legislation
  - Motorists are not Public Enemy Number One
  - The Creation of an EU Police State
  - The Creation of a European Union Police State
  - Phone hacking scandal reflects the way we are ruled
  - `Seismic political change` coming to Europe, says Nigel Farage