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Bullet Articles
  - UKIP MEP David Coburn blasts Angela Merkel over European Army push
  - European army is 'fake news' says EU defence agency chief in meeting with DG EU Military Staff
  - UKIP MEP James Carver questions Norwegian defence minister on relationship between NATO and EU common defence
  - NATO airbrushed from Committee debate on Internal Market Information System - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - EU seeking justifications for its defence ambitions - James Carver MEP
  - Fear of Russia should not lead towards serfdom in Brussels - Ray Finch MEP
  - EU army and defence spending becoming a reality - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - EU military ambitions are undermining NATO - James Carver MEP
  - A Democratic Revolution Has Begun - Nigel Farage MEP
  - It's NATO that's kept the peace in Europe since 1945, not the EU - James Carver MEP
  - EU expansion detrimental to regional and global security - James Carver MEP
  - UKIP MEP James Carver questions NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg
  - EU Supranational Governance vs. Intergovernmental Cooperation - David Campbell Bannerman MEP

Bullet News
  - The Democratic Revolution has just begun - Nigel Farage
  - If Scotland can have an In-Out referendum why can`t we?
  - Eastern Europe and the democratic deficit