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Bullet Articles
  - EU Eastern expansion seems to have no bounds - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - Suspend membership negotiations with Turkey - Oral Amendment, William Dartmouth
  - What justifies political union with Turkey?
  - Farage: EU bribing independent Croatia to rejoin a `new Yugoslavia`
  - Agnew asks Duff: What will the EU`s new `associate membership` entail?
  - Nigel Farage tells Croatians to stay free
  - Iceland remains better off out of the EU - David Campbell Bannerman MEP

Bullet News
  - The Economist gets it wrong. Again.
  - The CBI gets it wrong. Again.
  - If Scotland can have an In-Out referendum why can`t we?
  - Farage responds to Cameron barbs on Marr Show
  - The EU costs Britain £150 billion a year
  - EU audit does not go far enough
  - Farage: Give us a fair referendum on EU membership
  - Dartmouth: Cameron must stop supporting Turkey`s EU membership
  - New Year`s Message
  - Farage: Bribing Croatia to Rejoin a New Yugoslavia
  - UKIP leader reaches out to Tory eurosceptics