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Bullet Articles
  - Substituting the Rule of Law for the Rule of EU Ideology - Gerard Batten MEP
  - EU`s Lisbon agenda has cost taxpayers over 1 trillion - Marta Andreasen
  - Solving problems by central decree - Derek Clark MEP
  - More taxpayers money for EU's 10-year central economic plan - Marta Andreasen MEP
  - EU treaty changes: UK Referendum is now the only solution - Nigel Farage MEP

Bullet News
  - The jig is up: Cameron is clueless and desperate in face of increasing EU demands
  - OK, Brussels, let's make a deal!
  - EU spending under control, say Tories, as UK gives extra £307 million for 2012
  - EU`s new UN status marks the end of British foreign policy
  - Lib Dem plan is `undemocratic and treacherous` - Campbell Bannerman
  - Nigel Farage: A referendum will be the only solution