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Bullet Articles
  - Labour MEPs dream of keeping UK in EU Single Market post-Brexit - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Driving down cost of labour benefits large employers - Bil Etheridge MEP
  - We face Brexit referendum whether we like it or not, says Labour MEP Willmott
  - Zero chance for Labour to end zero-hours contracts
  - Labour did nothing to save jobs hit by EU combustion plant directive

Bullet News
  - Labour MEPs slam the door shut on future UK prosperity through port clampdown
  - LibLabCon cost you more money and do you more harm
  - Farage: It's time this 'one-party state' was broken up
  - Be afraid, Ed. Be very afraid.
  - The Wythenshawe by-election has been as dirty as they come
  - Cameron and Miliband? They're just like Wallace and Gromit
  - Why the People Want UKIP and the Luvvies Don't Get It
  - Labour MEPs refuse to block EU tax on pensions
  - Labour`s craven dishonesty over EU Budget
  - UKIP are different and proudly so
  - Poll points to record support for UKIP
  - A view from either side
  - Mass immigration engineered to create irreversible `multicultural society`
  - UKIP point to LibLabCon hypocrisy on ACTA
  - Lib Dems and Labour vote against EU cost cutting measures on MEP flights and allowances
  - Nigel Farage: 2011 is the year of potential for UKIP