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Bullet Articles
  - The EU should realise that the world's climate debate is coming to an end - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU measures to mitigate climate change a self-defeating feat - Julia Reid MEP
  - Decarbonising Europe with lots of hot air - Julia Reid MEP
  - Baseless energy and climate policies profoundly damaging EU economy - Julia Reid MEP
  - Ecodesign Directive will ban tungsten bulbs from theatres by 2020 - Julia Reid MEP
  - Is recycled plastic exported to China ending up in the Ocean? - Julia Reid MEP
  - Plastic packaging should be recyclable - Julia Reid MEP
  - Imposing more taxes on flights will not change the climate - Julia Reid MEP
  - Environmental Implementation Review transfers additional powers to EU institutions - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU objective towards the final de-industrialisation of Europe - Julia Reid MEP
  - Screening programmes required to stem rise in HIV and TB epidemics in Europe - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU weeding off one of the few herbicides that farmers have at their disposal - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU climate and energy policies perpetuate the same misguided path - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU bureaucracy and legislation is no solution to food wastage - Julia Reid MEP
  - Avoiding EU bureaucracy in the medical devices sector - Julia Reid MEP
  - Rainforests sacrificed on the altar of 'antropogenic global warming' - Julia Reid MEP
  - Cooperation between NGOs and migrant smugglers benefits Islamic extremism - Julia Reid MEP
  - Further harmonisation of agri food chain rules means more EU control - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU 'circular economy' legislation binds only the EU - Julia Reid MEP
  - Restricting exposure to mercury - Julia Reid MEP
  - Review of the paediatric medicines regulation
  - With Brexit we will determine our own environmental and energy policies free from EU commission - Julia Reid MEP
  - The 'Time Lords' should take the lead again - Julia Reid MEP
  - Member States should be free to regulate food contact materials - Julia Reid MEP
  - Climate change alarmists responsible for current damaging energy policies - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU incentivising bad behaviour - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU regional subsidies: cronyism at taxpayers expense - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU's strategy on heating and cooling reinforces its destructive energy policy - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU investment in political control - Julia Reid MEP
  - Turkish membership alone is a big reason for Britain to leave EU - Julia Reid MEP

Bullet News
  - The future of the NHS is precarious
  - European Parliament to hire 35 armed officials dubbed by UKIP 'Schulz's firing squad'