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Bullet Articles
  - Saving on roaming charges by making poor people pay more - Roger Helmer MEP
  - EU energy policy undermining our economy and increasing global emissions - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Energy prices in Europe are biggest problem facing competitiveness of European industries - UKIP MEP Roger Helmer
  - Underming European industry while increasing global emissions - Roger Helmer MEP
  - The Epic Failure of European Energy Policies - UKIP MEP Roger Helmer
  - The Madness of Europe's Industrial Massacre - Roger Helmer MEP
  - EU greenhouse market mechanism is a dog's breakfast - Roger Helmer MEP
  - European Parliament demands additional spending while nations face economic crisis
  - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Will our NHS be controlled by US corporate lawyers?
  - Green policies driving energy-intensive industries out of the EU
  - Squandering taxpayers money on the EU's spy spacecraft
  - EU unable to deliver competitive energy prices
  - European policy is what's driving up energy prices - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Will Galileo navigation system be used to track private cars?
  - We don't need new policies, we need to unwind the failing policies - Roger Helmer MEP
  - EU damaging its economy beyond repair - Roger Helmer MEP
  - The Mood has Shifted on Renewables - Roger Helmer
  - Exporting jobs, industry and emissions
  - Self-appointed climate-change experts have lost all credibility
  - Horizon 2020: Creating patronage and relevance for the EU
  - It is not up to the EU to identify academic talent - Roger Helmer
  - Destroying energy security with market distortions and green policies

Bullet News
  - Energy: No answers from the Commissioner
  - Economic Suicide postponed... and UKIP saves the day!
  - Surreal in Strasbourg