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Bullet Articles
  - Iran must roll back its oppressive laws - Margot Parker MEP
  - China appears to have crossed the line in fight against radical Islam - Margot Parker MEP
  - Reprogramming EU citizens to think 'acceptable thoughts' - Patrick O'Flynn MEP
  - Breaches of human rights and democracy in the Maldives - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - Political Correctness causing enormous damage to the safety of women - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Stop mass migration of Muslims into European countries! - Gerard Batten MEP
  - The more Islam you have in Western populations, the more terrorism you will get - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Nigel Farage: You're in for a bigger shock in 2017
  - Literalist Islam has no place in liberal democratic society - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Fundamentalist Islamic practices now happening in Europe - Jane Collins MEP
  - Islamic doctrine that bars meaningful intercultural dialogue - Gerard Batten MEP
  - EU playing Russian roulette with the lives of our citizens - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Acknowledging the ideological cause of the current terrorist threat - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Look at the ideology that inspires fundamentalist Islam - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Those who want Sharia law should move to a country where they have it - Gerard Batten MEP
  - We're encouraging radical Islamism by turning a blind eye - UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall
  - Christendom needs to tackle the threat head-on in our own land - Gerard Batten MEP
  - Western interference has destabilised the whole region - Amjad Bashir MEP
  - Voice of Moderation
  - Imran Firasat: Facing death for criticising a belief system - Gerard Batten

Bullet News
  - Europeans are taking a tougher line on immigration than their leaders - Nigel Farage MEP
  - UKIP again warns of free movement of Jihad
  - William Dartmouth celebrates assassinated Punjab Governor`s work for religious freedom