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Bullet Articles
  - Greece crucified on the cross of the euro - William Dartmouth MEP
  - A decade of economic cruelty - Steven Woolfe MEP
  - EU's slow knife and dagger slicing into Greece - Steven Woolfe MEP
  - Under the Rule of the Unelected Troika
  - `Bailouts` are a means for total subjugation and EU control - Nigel Farage
  - A failed central banking system that is morally indefensible - Godfrey Bloom
  - Godfrey Bloom calls for a fiscal crimes tribunal
  - Nigel Farage: Barroso in the bunker planning world domination
  - Nigel Farage: Greece under Commission-ECB-IMF Dictatorship
  - Farage: The EU Project Deserves to Die
  - Nigel Farage: Your euro-predictions have been 100% wrong, Mr Barroso
  - New Europhile IMF chief to bail out insolvent ECB - Nigel Farage

Bullet News
  - Greece has been sacrificed on the altar of the failed euro experiment
  - Farage: Big political change is coming in Britain
  - The moral implications of bail outs and austerity
  - I'm not one for conspiracy theories but...
  - Farage: Troika Pushing Greece Towards Revolution
  - Farage: `There is an agenda to strip freedom, liberty and democracy from people`
  - Farage: economic governance by EU-IMF part-time dictators
  - Farage: Euro-fanatic Lagarde unsuited for IMF top post
  - EU adopts its ostrich stance on bailouts
  - Farage: Help Dublin resist Brussels power grab