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Bullet Articles
  - Atrocities against women in Saudi Arabia - Jill Seymour MEP
  - When politicians act without the scrutiny of a free and vibrant press - Margot Parker MEP
  - Iran must roll back its oppressive laws - Margot Parker MEP
  - China appears to have crossed the line in fight against radical Islam - Margot Parker MEP
  - Freedom is an unstoppable ideal - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - Bill Etheridge calls for release of two British citizens held in Iran
  - EU-trained Libyan coast guards atrociously abusing migrants - Margot Parker MEP
  - EU must strongly condemn Turkish President Erdogan's despotic rule - James Carver MEP
  - Female genital mutilation is a crime that cannot go unpunished - Margot Parker MEP
  - Request for a debate on the denial of access to human rights court for employees of the European Patent Office
  - The West should seek to prevent genocide in Burundi - Tim Aker MEP
  - China exerting undue influence on Hong Kong's political, legal and social life - Margot Parker MEP
  - Philippines: the case of senator Leila M. De Lima - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - Zimbabwe: the case of Pastor Evan Mawarire - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - We must do more to support Christians fleeing Islamic persecution
  - The last 'acceptable face' of racism - James Carver MEP
  - Migrants must fit in with our values, not vice-versa - David Coburn MEP
  - EFDD group wins vote to debate atrocities against Coptic Christians in Egypt
  - No better way to mark UK's return to independence - James Carver MEP
  - Systematic industrialised murder of prisoners of conscience in China
  - EU imperialist pretentions are counterproductive to human rights worldwide - Diane James MEP
  - Where's the value in the millions granted to Nigeria for human rights? - Diane James MEP

Bullet News
  - Disgraceful that Theresa May calls for closer UK ties with brutal Saudi Arabia - UKIP