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Bullet Articles
  - Costly Green Policies 'Corrected by Ambitious Tax Policies'
  - Farmers held back by unjustified and perverse greening incentives
  - Taking land out of production is causing serious food shortages
  - Emissions red tape that will make every farmer shudder - Stuart Agnew
  - Generous EU grants and 'greening' exemptions for a pampered industry - Agnew
  - Commission`s greening plan impacts smaller farmers most - Stuart Agnew
  - You're chasing fairies: farmers cannot change the climate - Agnew
  - Agnew questions Commissioner Ciolos on Stalinist agricultural madness
  - EU `greening measures` only increase world hunger - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - `Greening of Pillar 1` will pose major problems to farmers - Stuart Agnew MEP

Bullet News
  - What do UKIP MEPs do in Strasbourg and what does it all mean?
  - An aero-space evening
  - Stuart Agnew accuses EU of ‘chasing fairies’ on greening measures
  - Stuart Agnew instrumental in obtaining Commission concession for UK farmers