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Bullet Articles
  - EU aiding and abetting corrupt government in Ukraine - William Dartmouth MEP
  - The European Union has blood on its hands - James Carver MEP
  - Political party funding is a matter for individual Member States not the EU - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - EU should have no oversight in the running of national political parties - James Carver MEP
  - Will you vote to scrap funding for the Euro elite? - Jonathan Arnott
  - Squandering money to promote a false state - Louise Bours MEP
  - Blindly pursuing European ideals while living in denial - John Bufton
  - Clueless About EU Funding: Where did the money go?
  - European Globalisation Fund: An expensive project with insufficient checks - Derek Clark
  - The truth about EU regional funding - John Bufton MEP

Bullet News
  - UKIP appalled that both Tories and Labour voted for Commission to interfere in British laws on political funding
  - A Solution to Political Party funding
  - The Incompatibility of EU and British Law
  - BBC World Service and US State Department: new partners, new bias?
  - Rule change to allow euro-parties to campaign in domestic referendums