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Bullet Articles
  - EU commission to define 'family farm' towards future of food and farming
  - Future of farming in the EU an administrative nightmare - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Centralised farming for EU Integrated Farm Statistics - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Who decides what 'sustainable farming' is? - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Governments should not be meddling in dairy market - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - We don't need EU legislation on animal cloning for farming purposes - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - There is a crisis in farming - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - EU action is called for on symptoms without understanding the causes - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Considerable mutiny among MEPs against Commission's 'delegated acts'
  - Stuart Agnew speaks out for free choice on organic farming
  - EU encouraging agricultural jobs while reducing farmland - Stuart Agnew
  - Generous EU grants and 'greening' exemptions for a pampered industry - Agnew
  - Multi-national industrial giants monopolising designs for naturally-rendered new species - Bufton
  - Farmers and free market don`t need Commission interference - Agnew
  - Stuart Agnew outlines the plight of dairy farmers

Bullet News
  - Patently obvious
  - Stuart Agnew instrumental in obtaining Commission concession for UK farmers
  - Failure of Single Payment Scheme exposed