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Bullet Articles
  - Green lobby folly reduces food production - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - The EU should realise that the world's climate debate is coming to an end - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU measures to mitigate climate change a self-defeating feat - Julia Reid MEP
  - Decarbonising Europe with lots of hot air - Julia Reid MEP
  - Baseless energy and climate policies profoundly damaging EU economy - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU Greenhouse Gas Contradictions - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - The foolish concept of decarbonising Europe's economy - Jonathan Bullock MEP
  - Brexit will rid Britain of absurd Green energy targets - Jonathan Bullock MEP
  - EU driving us out of our cars - Jill Seymour MEP
  - Imposing more taxes on flights will not change the climate - Julia Reid MEP
  - You'll never stop CO2 cycle, and if you do, you'll stall growth of trees - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - EU energy and emissions targets are pushing factories and jobs out of the EU - Jonathan Bullock MEP
  - EU climate and energy policies perpetuate the same misguided path - Julia Reid MEP
  - EU wants farmers to monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Greenhouse gas contradictions - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Final coup de grace after industrial massacre in Europe - Roger Helmer MEP
  - What about the biggest 'greenhouse gas' of all: water vapour - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - With Brexit we will determine our own environmental and energy policies free from EU commission - Julia Reid MEP
  - Climate deal will accelerate Europe's relative decline - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Climate change alarmists responsible for current damaging energy policies - Julia Reid MEP
  - European Parliament report displays extraordinary hubris - Roger Helmer MEP
  - No time for objections in the European Parliament
  - Top quality steel manufacturing driven out by excessive regulation - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - A Collective Psychosis over Electricity Generation in Europe - Roger Helmer MEP
  - A lopsided environmental policy - Jonathan Arnott MEP
  - EU plan has different targets for different pollutants in different countries - Roger Helmer MEP
  - EU energy legislation kills jobs and kills British industry - Tim Aker MEP
  - Industry is a source of wealth - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - No EU regulation needed to keep UK air clean - Bill Etheridge MEP
  - Over-regulation will not promote the re-industrialisation of Europe - Julia Reid MEP
  - Climate hysteria and carbon-phobia emissions targets drove VW to cheat - Roger Helmer MEP
  - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew questions Commissioner Hogan on Basic Payment Scheme and methane emissions
  - Animal domestication does not make methane an evil gas - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Man-made global-warming hypothesis dead in the water - Godfrey Bloom
  - Spending huge amounts of money to destroy our economy
  - Emissions red tape that will make every farmer shudder - Stuart Agnew
  - Agnew: Green illusion ruining UK agriculture

Bullet News
  - EU power grab on car emissions is like putting a fox in charge of the chicken coop - UKIP
  - UKIP says 'breath of fresh air' as EU national governments lift limits on methane emissions
  - The Coalition con on `green energy`
  - Prof Dieter Helm damns EU Climate Policy
  - Clean Tech — Dirty Mining
  - Stuart Agnew accuses EU of ‘chasing fairies’ on greening measures
  - The De-industrialisation of Europe
  - EU Own Goal on Airline Emissions
  - EU energy policy will cost taxpayers dearly