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Bullet Articles
  - US-EU data protection agreement: We'll be watching closely - Ray Finch MEP
  - A deep contempt for taxpayers' money - Diane James MEP
  - EU free movement trumping national labour laws - Derek Clark

Bullet News
  - Huge cost of Euro court tax judgements should be added to UK contribution sums
  - Germany can bar EU migrants from certain social security benefits, EU's top court has ruled - UKIP response
  - UKIP slams ECJ's Working Time judgement as harmful to small businesses
  - EU court ruling on energy-saving about accumulating more money for EU and showing power over VAT system
  - Britain opts out of EU laws, European Court of Justice enforces them anyway
  - Cameron utterly weak over European Arrest Warrant
  - Cameron tries to pull another rabbit from UKIP`s hat
  - Abu Qatada is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem
  - EU Court ruling leads to `free-for-all` in UK residency rights