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Bullet Articles
  - No mandate to create EU watchdog against Member States' sovereignty - Diane James MEP
  - The madness of a borderless EU immigration system - Diane James MEP
  - EU should end trade barriers against African agricultural products - Diane James MEP
  - EU border and coast guard constructed to deal with the consequences of EU action - Diane James MEP
  - EU secrecy debate on international agreements given short shrift in EU parliament - Diane James MEP
  - TTIP secrecy demonstrates EU's anti-democratic motives - Diane James MEP
  - EU imperialist pretentions are counterproductive to human rights worldwide - Diane James MEP
  - Simplifying free movement is a gift to those that threaten us - Diane James MEP
  - Where's the value in the millions granted to Nigeria for human rights? - Diane James MEP
  - EU has no competency to address protection of trade secrets - Diane James MEP
  - EU plan for centralised military and defence capability finally revealed - Diane James MEP
  - EU open border mantra encourages movement of criminals, terrorists and weapons - Diane James MEP
  - EU Commission should have no role in area of whistle-blowing - Diane James MEP
  - Thalidomide victims: 60 years of German prevarication and delay - Diane James MEP

Bullet News
  - IF Theresa May wishes to leave the ECHR she must support Brexit - UKIP