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Bullet Articles
  - Regional Development Committee blocks UKIP's EFDD group
  - EU Budget 2013 needs a 10% cut - Marta Andreasen
  - Horizon 2020: Creating patronage and relevance for the EU
  - Who is responsible for the budget discharge?
  - EU policy distorting markets, producing perverse incentives - Stuart Agnew
  - What `remarkable progress`, Commissioner Rehn? - Marta Andreasen
  - Committee on Budgetary Control discredits itself
  - Marta Andreasen questions Commissioner Almunia
  - Early scrapping of sugar quotas detrimental to British sugar beet sector
  - We do not need more laws - Stuart Agnew
  - Will EU competition rules hit UK sugar growers union? - Stuart Agnew
  - EU plans to dissolve Tate & Lyle's 'Mr Cube'
  - European External Action Service is based on a gigantic myth - William Dartmouth
  - More legislation will not protect animals during transport - Agnew
  - Some home truths about animal welfare - Stuart Agnew
  - EU regulations stifling food production in Europe - Stuart Agnew
  - Animal welfare: EU legislation is not the solution - Stuart Agnew
  - Socialist MEP admits slandering UKIP MEP Andreasen
  - Recognising patients` needs during MRI scanning - Derek Clark
  - Clueless About EU Funding: Where did the money go?
  - Andreasen questions European Parliament Sec-Gen over added costs to taxpayers
  - EU treaty change: A member state`s veto must be respected - Stuart Agnew
  - Iceland: Dartmouth questions Tory MEP's 'Stalinist' remark
  - Do not stifle the whistleblower - Derek Clark MEP

Bullet News
  - Lightning always strikes twice in the European Parliament
  - MEPs move back to Commission line on 2013 budget
  - EU employment law stupidity holding back growth
  - INTA committee rejects ACTA
  - A brief round-up of two Parliamentary sessions
  - Derek Clark's Brussels Commentary: 26-29 March
  - EU plans to dissolve Tate & Lyle`s `Mr Cube`
  - MEPs vote against whistleblowers and perks cut-backs