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Bullet Articles
  - It is deregulation that promotes economic growth and jobs - Jane Collins MEP
  - EU unemployment scheme: Having to go with a begging bowl to Brussels - Jane Collins MEP
  - Fundamentalist Islamic practices now happening in Europe - Jane Collins MEP
  - Cameron just going through the motions of renegotiation - Jane Collins MEP
  - Europe 2020 Strategy costing more British jobs - Jane Collins MEP
  - Brussels Powerhouse providing long-term unemployment - Jane Collins MEP
  - An EU labour market designed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels - Jane Collins MEP
  - European Youth Initiative can only make things worse - Jane Collins MEP
  - EU bureaucrats meddling with workers' right to strike - Jane Collins MEP
  - Dodgy 315bln euro fund will not save this dying Union - UKIP MEP Jane Collins
  - It is EU meddling that promotes discrimination - Jane Collins MEP
  - Jane collins: Europe2020 10-year plan an absolute shambles
  - Open-door immigration policy underming our young - Jane Collins MEP
  - 300bln euros to help boost EU migration
  - EU ID card system through the back door - Jane Collins MEP
  - Nigel Farage: Spring Conference 2011 speech
  - Nigel Farage on UKIP success in Barnsley by-election

Bullet News
  - Unemployed Brits' chances of finding work dashed by Brussels scheme
  - Another defeat by Cameron shows he will never win fundamental reforms on EU membership
  - EU chooses nuclear option by ramming mandatory migrant quotas upon national governments
  - Germany can bar EU migrants from certain social security benefits, EU's top court has ruled - UKIP response
  - Conservatives vote for compulsory EU-wide advertising of British jobs and benefits
  - UKIP beats Tories for second place in Barnsley by-election