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Bullet Articles
  - Why should British taxpayers pay benefits for EU citizens who may not even live in the UK? - Gerard Batten MEP
  - 'Ever Closer Union' report makes absolute nonsense of Cameron's claim - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Not such a 'done deal' after all - Roger Helmer MEP
  - Stuart Agnew destroys Cameron's EU reform plans
  - Stuart Agnew: They've got that power because they've been given it!
  - Foreign ministers heading for redundancy
  - Can we rely on a Europol data protection czar?
  - Agnew: Another attempt to distort democracy in Britain
  - One Parliament, Two Seats and a Monthly Pilgrimage - Stuart Agnew
  - 2014 European Elections date change is not lawful - Stuart Agnew
  - Non-democratic EU lecturing UK on how to conduct its elections
  - European Elections to be moved to May 2014 - Stuart Agnew asks why
  - Two-seat EU Parliament to keep Strasbourg economy afloat
  - Taxpayer-funded Euro-parties get no donations for lack of European demos
  - Taxpayer funding of European Political Parties a slippery slope
  - EU Charter opt-out was a worthless promise and a lie - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - It was indeed a bad deal for Ireland...
  - No mandate for taxpayer-funded pan-European Parties - Stuart Agnew
  - Stuart Agnew questions Commissioner Sefcovic on European Political Parties
  - An Embryonic Army for an EU Federation
  - EU Subsidiarity: Decision making at supra-national levels - Stuart Agnew
  - EU secrecy: A refuge of the incompetent and the unaccountable
  - More rules, more red tape and more costs - Stuart Agnew
  - Summon Baroness Ashton and call her to account - Stuart Agnew
  - Agnew asks Duff: What will the EU`s new `associate membership` entail?
  - Forcing national civil service to attend EU hearings - Stuart Agnew

Bullet News
  - Euro-parties listing on UK ballots a pointless exercise
  - A crisis of legitimacy: pan-European political parties