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Bullet Articles
  - EU's fight against antimicrobial resistance needs carrot more than stick - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Anti-microbial resistance: EU needs to get its act straight on livestock prophylactics - Stuart Agnew MEP
  - Louise Bours MEP outlining UKIP health policy
  - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Will our NHS be controlled by US corporate lawyers?
  - Preventing the spread of animal desease across Europe
  - Medical Devices: It's all about the big companies
  - EMF Directive amendments render MRI scanners useless - Derek Clark
  - Recognising patients` needs during MRI scanning - Derek Clark
  - How many men to change a light bulb? - Derek Clark
  - Complex EU Directives vs Best Practice - Derek Clark MEP
  - 16 member states want opt-outs on EU's Working Time Directive - Derek Clark MEP
  - Commissioner Dalli admits to unknown implications of EU`s Laying Hens Directive (Questioned by Stuart Agnew)
  - Nigel Farage - EU health tourists about to rise at taxpayers' expense

Bullet News
  - The future of the NHS is precarious
  - Keep off our jam jars
  - Professional Qualifications report contains dangerous flaw on language testing
  - EU creating ‘total shambles’ in alternative medicines market