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Bullet Articles
  - EU unemployment scheme: Having to go with a begging bowl to Brussels - Jane Collins MEP
  - Cameron just going through the motions of renegotiation - Jane Collins MEP
  - Greek democracy has been sold out - Ray Finch MEP
  - UK port system needs no EU fixing - Tim Aker MEP
  - Millions of jobs lost on account of EU green agenda - Jane Collins MEP
  - Open-door immigration by any other name - Louise Bours MEP
  - European Youth Initiative can only make things worse - Jane Collins MEP
  - EU bureaucrats meddling with workers' right to strike - Jane Collins MEP
  - Dodgy 315bln euro fund will not save this dying Union - UKIP MEP Jane Collins
  - Control over minimum wage should rest with national parliaments
  - EURES proposal will advertise British jobs across Europe - Diane James MEP
  - No renegotiation of labour mobility across the EU
  - EU ID card system through the back door - Jane Collins MEP
  - EU Regulations cannot apply in different countries without flexibility
  - Keep policy out of employment - Derek Clark
  - Why not all forms of asbestos should be banned - Roger Helmer
  - Why not all forms of asbestos should be banned - Derek Clark
  - Recognising patients` needs during MRI scanning - Derek Clark
  - How many men to change a light bulb? - Derek Clark
  - European Globalisation Fund: An expensive project with insufficient checks - Derek Clark
  - 16 member states want opt-outs on EU's Working Time Directive - Derek Clark MEP

Bullet News
  - Derek Clark's Brussels Commentary (March 17-18)
  - Derek Clark's Strasbourg Commentary (March 10-13)
  - Derek Clark's Brussels Commentary: Employment Committee
  - Committee vote 'all cut and dried beforehand' - Derek Clark
  - Social funding discord within the Trilogue