Borrowing money to finance Franco-German military industrial complex
09/03/2012 18:13 - webmaster
Figures released by the European Council this week have shown that since the Greek bailouts began the Greek authorities have spent over a billion euros on French and German weaponry.

"Yet another reason why we must not increase by a single penny our contribution to the IMF bailout of Greece”, said Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire.

"These revelations have surfaced hard on the heels of details of massive planned future arms purchases by Greece, including 223 tanks and a U-boat.

"Britain should be helping Greece to get out of the euro and thus giving it a chance to grow out its crisis rather than buying French and German bombs and bullets. What do they need them for anyway? To use against their own people?" said Mr Bloom.

"We are borrowing money on a huge scale in part to finance the French and German military industrial complex, and it must stop".

German 2010 Arms export figures (In German)

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