The Creation of an EU Police State
07/03/2012 14:25 - webmaster

“Habeas Corpus and trial by jury are the supreme protection of ordinary people from the state. The power of the executive to cast a man in prison without formulating a charge, or deny him the judgement by his peers, is the odious foundation of totalitarian governments” - Winston Churchill

By Gerard Batten

Launched at UKIP's spring conference (03.03.2012) my new booklet Freedom, Security  & Justice? Or the Creation of a European Union Police State is now available. In this I expose how an EU system of criminal law is being created that will supersede our own legal system and how it  is already destroying our ancient freedoms and protections under English law.

This is being done by means of the action programmes agreed by EU governments (including the Lib-Lab-Con) to create the necessary institutions and legal instruments to make it possible.

Read how far we are already down the slippery slope and what is planned. More importantly read what can be done to stop and reverse it if we had a government prepared to protect our most basic freedoms.

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