Get rid of inefficient programmes to reduce EU budget - Marta Andreasen
15/06/2010 22:01 - webmaster
Member states are not in a position to finance an increase in the EU budget, UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen said today in Strasbourg. The EU budget needs to be reduced by getting rid of the many inefficient EU programmes which it includes.

"Some difficult choices will have to be made at this point to allow a reduction of the EU budget," Ms Andreasen told Euro-Parliamentarians debating the 'Revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework'.

"It is now time to get rid of programmes that have not proved efficient - of which we have many in the present EU budget."

Ms Andreasen said the requirements of the Lisbon treaty and the Europe2020 Strategy cannot be covered by member states currently grappling with a severe economic and financial crisis.

Referring to Commission President Barroso's dramatic announcement that we could witness the end of democracy in Greece, Spain and Portugal unless urgent action is taken to tackle the debt crisis, Ms Andreasen asked:

"Does anybody think that these countries are in a position to finance an increase in the EU budget?"

"Does anybody think that the rest of the member states are in a position to bail out these countries, and additionally to finance an increase of the EU budget?

"The answer to both questions is 'no'."