Why does Labour want the EU to obstruct the UK discussing Trade Agreement with other countries?
09/10/2017 16:09 - webmaster
  All the 17 Labour MEPs present in Strasbourg voted against the following amendment:

"Insists that the EU must not obstruct or delay any negotiations by the UK Government that seek trade agreements with third countries, provided that such agreements are intended to commence on a date after the end of March 2019; "

UKIP Trade Spokesman, William Dartmouth MEP, commented: "The UK should and must seek to make trade deals with third countries.

Labour MEPs have blatantly voted against the UK's national interest. This is a disgrace. The Labour Party should consider their position."

Office of William (The Earl of) Dartmouth MEP
UKIP National Spokesman on Trade
EFDD Group Coordinator on International Trade
European Parliament
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