EU's Christmas stocking already bursting after austerity-defying budget increase
01/12/2016 12:43 - webmaster
The British taxpayer stomped up a net £11.1 billion to the EU in 2016. The quicker we leave the EU the more money we will save - UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott

Press Release

Today in the European Parliament plenary in Brussels MEPs voted through an overall budget increase for the European Union of 1.7 percent. The budget will be set at just over €157 billion, an increase from last year of €2.5 billion.

UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott and member of the Budgetary Control committee commented:

“All EU officials have just been given a 3.3 percent salary increase and now they have an austerity-defying EU budget increase of over 2 billion pounds. The EU’s Christmas stocking is already bursting, I suppose after 2016 they could use some good news.”

“UKIP has had amendment after amendment calling for budget reductions thrown out by Labour and Tory MEPs. When will they realise the British people voted for this exact thing to stop? OBR figures show that the British taxpayer stomped up a net £11.1 billion to the EU in 2016. The quicker we leave the EU the more money we will save.”

Jonathan Arnott spoke during the budget debate in the European Parliament yesterday:


When we come to this point in the year sometimes I wonder why we just don’t reply a recording of last year’s budget debates instead of having to repeat the entire performance.

This is the same thing that happens over and over again and as it is Christmas, let’s compare this to an annual pantomime. The Budget Committee, the Commission, the European Parliament, well we all vote don’t we, for more EU, more spending, more tax-payer’s money being thrown at this project.

Then along comes UKIP and our colleagues in the EFDD, the Five Star movement and others and we suggest saving the tax-payer billions of euros. We show how it can be done and we show costs that can be cut, we show victim-less cuts.  And saving money for ordinary people, well? That makes us the pantomime villain and so you lot all boo. Oh yes you do.

And Labour and Conservatives vote against whatever we come up with and that shows sometimes how much they seem to care about saving money for ordinary people. Then the council comes up and proposes a smaller budget increase and we have the ‘will they, won’t they?’ moment where the audience wonders can a compromise be reached.

So we go into the early hours of the morning almost every year wondering can they find a new trick to find more tax-payers money without actually breaching the budget ceilings and after nail-biting tension, the audience on the edge of their seats, a compromise is always reached. The day is saved and everybody lives happily ever after, everybody of course except the general public who have to pay for all of it, despite in the UK’s case having voted for Brexit,

And never mind a 3.3 percent backdated pay increase for EU officials that just went through the budget committee last time, never mind draft amending budget number 5 which means the UK will have to fire off another 700 million cheque to Brussels, never mind the repeated court of auditors reports.

You know what, I sometimes don’t know whether this is a pantomime of a caska-esque farce. Well the British people voted for Brexit and we’re going to write the last chapter, we’re going to play the final act and we’re going to lower the curtain on this tragedy.