News & Analysis: 15-Jan-2013
15/01/2013 14:26 - webmaster
UKIP: Poll shows Cameron out of touch with his own membership
Pupils get to question Nigel Farage
HS2 a catastrophe we cannot afford - Mike Nattrass
The Independence Daily
CofE 'will be sued over gay marriage': Human rights law 'undermines' Cameron plans
Summary of the Aidan O’Neill legal opinion on gay marriage and liberty of conscience (pdf)
Anger as David Cameron backs blackout over migrant flood fear
David Cameron's Europe speech brought forward and moved to Amsterdam
David Cameron pledges a 'proper choice' in EU referendum
Cameron's dither over the EU can't go on any longer
Cameron's in/in/out referendum will keep us in EU forever
Conservative Home Editors: Cameron's Europe speech should contain at least three key commitments
Sterling crisis looms as UK current account deficit balloons
Dan Hannan: No to banksters! Yes to [free] markets! (includes video)
Iceland puts brakes on EU accession talks
Troika's dictats pass into Greek law
Schaeuble: Greece has 'no alternative' to austerity
European Shares Flat After German GDP Data
It Begins: Bundesbank To Commence Repatriating Gold From New York Fed
Eurozone's poster-child faces a new crisis: Slovenia
France should debate what it wants from EU - Barnier
Draghi’s Bond Rally Masks Debt Doom Loop Trapping Spain
Alastair Winter: Bonds look increasingly to have their best days behind them
Eurozone debt crisis enters challenging new phase: Central bankers win battle, but not the war
Malian Rebels Take Town and Vow to Avenge French Attack
EU industrial production down by 0.3% in one month
No benefits from EU energy projects for 150 years
Global warming stopped 16 years ago, Met Office report reveals
Is a Planetary Cooling Spell Straight Ahead? NASA: We May Be On the Verge of a “Mini-Maunder” Event.
Off Grid Attack: EPA To Outlaw Many Wood Burning Stoves
Austrian economics in 2013, By Alasdair Macleod
All The Gold In The World - The Definitive Infographic