EU-Global News - 04 Sept 2012
04/09/2012 15:43 - webmaster
Commons ESM debate: EU bailout treaty does not trigger the 'referendum lock,' says William Hague
Tebbit: 'If the Tories want to be re-elected they had best start to read the UKIP manifesto'
Population still growing by 216,000 a year despite student visa cuts
Millions face pension crisis
ECB chief Draghi hints at bond purchases
Germany readies markets for ECB disappointment
Merkel tells her critics bailout countries 'deserve solidarity'
German ruling on ESM bailout treaty and fiscal union on Sept 12
German FM confident that ESM and fiscal treaties will not be blocked by the constitutional court
Spain injects capital into Bankia as Andalucia asks for a bailout
Fears Rising, Spaniards Pull Out Their Cash and Get Out of Spain
Nomura: "Spain Will Need Full-Blown Bailout"
François Hollande 'will be forced to act more like Nicolas Sarkozy'
French Socialists move to avert backbench revolt over fiscal treaty
Bulgaria shelves euro membership plans
Bulgarian, Polish ministers cast doubt on euro
Moody's cuts EU outlook to negative on credit risks
US companies brace for euro exit by Greece
European Parliament's Brussels debating chamber closed because of faulty roof
Commission could fine companies if they miss female board quota
EU wants to sneak in a mini-ACTA by the backdoor
The Big Swiss Faustian Bargain
The gold price and the exponential growth of our problems
803 Years Of Global Inflation
Apple Granted Patent To Disable Cameras According To Location