Coalition theatrics: Nick Clegg warns David Cameron of `economic suicide` over EU policy
30/10/2011 23:09 - webmaster
• 30 OCT 2011

Nick Clegg has set himself on a collision course with David Cameron over EU policy after warning that it would be "economic suicide" for Britain to "retreat to the margins" of Europe.

By Josie Ensor and Patrick Hennessy | The Telegraph

The Deputy Prime Minister delivered his strongest rebuke so far to Tory Eurosceptics hoping to reclaim powers from Brussels.

Mr Clegg, whose Liberal Democrats are traditionally pro-European, said rewriting the EU's founding texts would open a "Pandora's Box" and leave the continent paralysed when it should be focused on restoring economic growth.

The deputy leader's intervention comes as Mr Cameron faces a gruelling series of parliamentary showdowns with rebel Tory MPs over increases to the EU's budget and changes to Britain's extradition laws.

More than 80 Conservative MPs rebelled last week over a call for a referendum on UK membership of the union, and polls have suggested that two thirds of the public - and 80 per cent of Tory voters - agreed with them.

Writing in The Observer, Mr Clegg said it was clear the 17 eurozone nations were moving towards more fiscal integration and the European landscape was "about to change".

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