EU calls for the return of funds used for Hungarian anti-abortion campaign, not in line with EU values
17/06/2011 15:49 - webmaster
17 JUN 2011

EurActiv (EU funds used for Hungarian anti-abortion campaign)

EU money is co-financing an anti-abortion campaign in Hungary, leading to calls from European authorities to return the funds. EurActiv France and EurActiv Hungary report.

The funds, taken from EU employment and social solidarity programme PROGRESS, provide the bulk of financing for the €416,000 anti-abortion campaign.

The scheme included putting up posters in the Budapest metro with an image of a foetus (pictured) addressing its mother: "I understand that you are not yet ready for me, but give me up to the adoption agency, LET ME LIVE!"

On 8 June, French Socialist MEP Sylvie Guillaume questioned EU Fundamental Rights Commissioner Viviane Reding on the subject. Reding promised that her services would "begin procedures to put an end to the agreement and draw the necessary conclusions, including financially".

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