Tebbit: Nick Clegg`s political cross-dressing will benefit Labour and UKIP
28/03/2011 15:20 - webmaster
28 MAR 2011

By Norman Tebbit | The Telegraph

Curiously, what I regard as the political statement which so comprehensively sums up the politics of the Coalition did not get the coverage it deserved last week. Very often it is not the long-rehearsed speech which lets us look into a politician’s mind, but the honest trifle of a throwaway remark made to a close confidant, not intended to be heard by the public.

Just such a remark was that made by Clegg to Cameron as they walked away from sharing the platform at a public meeting in Nottingham to promote the Government’s new enterprise zones. The Prime Minister had told the meeting that although he intended that there would be television debates ahead of the next election, that between the two of them would be “better natured” than at the last election. Forgetting that his radio microphone was still live, Clegg observed to the Prime Minister: “If we keep doing this, we won’t find anything to bloody disagree on in the bloody TV debates.”

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