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UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom is interviewed by Alex Jones (DEC. 28), on PrisonPlanet.TV (infowars.com). 

"We're dealing with a European soviet system," Godfrey Bloom told Alex Jones. "Some of the East Europeans who weren't part of the Communist regime - the ordinary working people in places like Poland and the Czech Republic - are suddenly beginning to realise what they've stepped into... The European Union is totally modelled on the Soviet system - it is not modelled on the United States."

Whole interview on Youtube:

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By Godfrey BLOOM MEP
So Copenhagen is over. A deal to “save the planet” from the ravages of global warming have failed. Meanwhile, in spite of all the hot air blowing in from Scandinavia, almost the entire of the UK has been under a sheet of snow and ice. Some parts of the UK have recorded temperatures as low as -16C.

READ ARTICLE: I’m Dreamin’ of an Un-Green Christmas by Godfrey BLOOM

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UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen recounts her recent experiences as a minority of one in the Budget Committee, whose chairman has shown discomfort at her speeches and expressed his intention to block her actions.

"They can attack me for being 'difficult' and refusing to be part of the consensus, but they cannot attack my arguments which are factual," writes Marta Andreasen on her website.

READ ARTICLE: 'Tough time as a minority of one' by Marta ANDREASEN

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UKIP leader, Lord Pearson speaks to party supporters.

"UKIP is not for lemmings. UKIP is not for sheep," says Lord Pearson. "UKIP is for people who have original minds and who are not bamboozled by the lies that the political class has been telling us for 30 years. Particularly, they have been telling us those lies on our relationship with the European Union, which we now see, with the Treaty of Lisbon, as the final nail in the coffin of our democracy."

WATCH VIDEO ON UKIP.ORG (Duration - 1' 55")

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By Paul NUTTALL MEP                                                                                               
Another year comes to an end with a ‘light’ Strasbourg session where not too much voting took place. However, it was interesting for two reasons: Corus and the budget vote.

On Tuesday, I was given Nigel Farage’s slot and I had the opportunity to put a one-minute question to the Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso. He has one minute to respond, I have thirty seconds to respond to his response and then he has a further thirty seconds to respond to mine. All in all, it takes three minutes. A wonderful exercise in democracy … I’m sure you would agree?

READ ARTICLE:  'Corus and the EU Budget', by Paul NUTTALL

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UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom analyses aspects of Gordon Brown's speech in Copenhagen (DEC. 17) and substantiates why Brown is a "historical nonentity".

"Brown is an empty vessel, a cipher," writes Godfrey Bloom on his blog. "He stands for nothing. Zilch. He shall not be remembered for saving the planet. He won’t even be remembered for trying to save the planet. If he is remembered for anything, it will be for being the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the time leading up to the biggest economic crisis for generations, and the unelected Prime Minister of a nation who signed up to an agreement that surrendered what sovereignty it had not yet given to Brussels."

READ ARTICLE: Brown: a Historical Nonentity, by Godfrey BLOOM

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Leading UKIP MEP Nigel Farage is interviewed by Alex Jones (Dec 16), on PrisonPlanet.TV (infowars.com). 

"We are beginning to see people showing the courage – breaking out of their normal tribal party political lines," Nigel Farage told Alex Jones. "And there will come a point when UKIP will become so big that something will give in our political system. But it's having the willingness to take away from those politcians the one thing they need, which is your vote at election time."

Interview on Youtube:

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"By next year, Britain's net contribution will have doubled from what it was in 2008," UKIP MEP Lord Dartmouth said in Strasbourg during Question Hour with Commission President Barroso. "Can the British taxpayer anticipate a further doubling... by 2020?" asked Lord Dartmouth.

"We believe that in some cases it makes more sense to spend a euro at European level than at national level," Barroso said in his reply.

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The European Parliament's 2010 proposal for a 6% increase over the 2009 budget appears to come from another planet where no financial crisis exists, said UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen in Strasbourg (DEC. 15).

Marta Andreasen was speaking during the second reading of the draft general budget of the European Union for the financial year 2010 as modified by the Council.

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"Years after we first called for Sikhs to have the right to wear their Kirpans (ceremonial knife) when visiting their elected representatives, the European Parliament maintains its ban", said Derek Clark UKIP Euro MP for the East Midlands.

"This is a gross insult to a law abiding community and is in effect religious discrimination."

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                                                                                                                                       WATCH VIDEO

European Commission President Barroso today urged the head of the IPCC, Rajenda Pachouri, to sue UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall for raising questions over Pachouri's financial links to Tata Steel of India.

Tata, the owners of Corus, stand to benefit from the Carbon Credits scheme which has been pushed by the IPCC. It is expected that the closure of the Corus plant on Teeside will bring windfall benefits of almost $1bn by selling the defunct plant's carbon credits.

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 UPDATE - 2 March 2010:

William Dartmouth meets Michael Turner on his return to the UK and demands the "immediate suspension of the European Arrest Warrants" (Youtube)

Dartmouth welcomes pair back from EAW hell (ukip.org)
Two men freed from Hungarian jail return to UK (BBC.co.uk)

UPDATE - 27 February 2010:

 Mike and Jason released on bail: A Father's Story (Youtube)

15 Dec 2009

• European Arrest Warrant: the imprisonment of Mike and Jason in Budapest


Follow the case on 'Free Mike and Jason'
Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick were extradited to Budapest on 02.11.2009 under the European Arrest Warrant for setting up a business venture in Hungary which eventually failed. They lost their own savings of £100,000 and left further debts of around £18,000. They are now locked in a Budapest prison cell for 23 hours a day with no contact with their families and legal representatives. UKIP MEP Lord Dartmouth has issued a press release  (24.11.2009) and staged a protest in front of the Hungarian embassy in London, which ended with a standoff with armed police.

Mark Turner recounts his son's ordeal (Youtube)
William Dartmouth visits the Budapest Penitentiary Institute (Youtube)

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Nigel Farage is interviewed (Dec. 9) by Eric King on King World News, taking off from his being reprimanded (video) by the European Parliament's president, Jerzy Buzek, for his "tone" and "certain expressions", and exposing what happened when he was later called up to the president's office.

In this interview Nigel Farage also speaks about the imposition of the Lisbon treaty, the developing EU state, the suppression of freedom and the global CO2 scam. He announces for the frist time that the highly respected climate scam debunker, Lord Christopher Monckton, has just joined UKIP.


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MEPs Godfrey Bloom and Paul Nuttall at the eventWe had a bit of fun in the European Parliament last week, mostly at the expense of Sir Paul ‘Macca’ McCartney, who was invited to the parliament by Tory outcast, Edward McMillan Scott, to tell us why we should all go veggie to fight climate change. Of course this was nothing more than a publicity stunt, and I do feel for Macca, as he was totally unaware that he was being used by cynical politicians who will use any mechanism available to justify their own existence. This is why the EU is so keen on climate change and this is also why a bewildered Macca found himself in the European Parliament.


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                                                                                                         WATCH VIDEO

Nigel Farage, 25.11.2009 (video pic)UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was this morning reprimanded by European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek for his questions relating to the appointment of Baroness Ashton as the EUs High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

Buzek insisted that Mr Farage 'restrain his language and refrain from making unacceptable comments in the chamber'.

Mr Farage was questioning whether Ashton was a suitable candidate for the post because of her past associations with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), given that she will be in charge of the external security of the European Union. He had asked specifically whether Baroness Ashton had accepted cash on behalf of CND from the 'enemies of western capitalism and democracy'.

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Jose Manuel Barroso and John Bufton (inset), Strasbourg, 24.11.2009 (video picture)The possibility of introducing direct EU taxes will be explored, Commission President Barroso said in the European Parliament today in answer to a question by UKIP MEP John Bufton (inset).

Mr. Bufton asked whether direct EU taxes will be introduced following speculation raised last week by designate EU President Herman Van Rompuy. Barroso pointed out that it was "not for the Council President to propose taxes" but the Commission.

"I intend, of course, to look at all the issues of taxation in the European Union," Mr Barroso added.  "We have to look at own-resources [direct taxes] of the European Union... the programme on which I was elected was to look at the possible own-resources and this was the programme that was adopted by the European Parliament,"  the Commission President concluded.


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Mike Nattrass MEP at the UKIP Midlans Rally, 12.02.2008• European Union governments have a financial stake in exporting the jobs of British General Motors workers to Eastern Europe as they hold an equity stake in one General Motors plant in Russia, and provided € 70m in soft loans to finance another.

UKIP Transport Spokesman Mike Nattrass MEP said it was 'eerily reminiscent' of the situation in 2005 when Peugeot closed its Ryton plant in the UK to move into a purpose built facility in Slovakia which had been financed by EU grants.

He continued, "Here we have a supranational bank, entirely financed by taxpayers, taking equity in one General Motors plant and financing the construction of another. In other words, once again, British taxpayers are subsidising the export of their own jobs.

"When the government talks about protecting British workers jobs, how can it do this when it indirectly owns a stake in a competing plant in Russia?"

Mr Nattrass said that in 2002, the EBRD had taken a 30% equity stake in a joint General Motors/VAZ manufacturing deal as part of an equity financing initiative in Russia. This was followed by a further € 70m in soft loans provided last year for the construction of a greenfield plant near St Petersburg, despite General Motors financial difficulties.

"When the government talks about investing for the future, most of us assume it is talking about investing in Britain. It is clear, however, that it views the jobs of Russian car workers as a higher priority than the jobs of their British equivalents. So much for British jobs for British workers."

Details of the equity finance deal and the subsequent soft loan can be found in the project summaries at www.ebrd.org.

Mark CROUCHER +32-470-841644

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Herman Van Rompuy; Photo: eu2009.czA pair of political pygmies are set to steer the EU into the post-Lisbon era with the announcement of Herman van Rompuy (pictured) and Baroness Ashton as the EU's new president and foreign affairs supremo respectively.

Herman van Rompuy, currently the prime minister of Belgium, is the compromise candidate who will prove incapable of stealing anyone else's limelight.

Baroness Ashton takes the position of High Representative for Foreign Affairs, and is possibly the only person in Europe less well known than van Rompuy. A former CND employee, she will be responsible for Europe's security and defence policy.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, "The EU has this evening appointed two political pygmies who have the power to remove the last vestiges of democracy from the UK.

"Baroness Ashton is ideal for the role. She's never had a proper job, and never been elected to public office. Naturally, from an EU point of view that makes her ideally qualified to become the most powerful person in Europe."

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Only 9 percent of 2008 budget accounts cleared by auditors

The Court of Auditors annual report on the 2008 accounts shows no improvement on the previous year, even if many here would like to believe that things have become better. More than 10 years after the resignation of the discredited Santer Commission and following many promises of reform, the picture remains quite the same: the EU funds are out of control.

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Brussels, 11.11.2009: Father Æthelwine, an orthodox chaplain from the University of York, conducted the service at Frere Orban Square, close to the European Parliament
I was amazed that the European Parliament does not recognise Armistice Day, or even facilitate some form of remembrance service for participant country representation in the Great War or Second World War. I have even heard the war referred to as the first European Civil War, albeit by a particularly silly MEP. I accept that one or two countries out of the current 27 member states were not participants but that it should remain unobserved is a dangerous manipulation of history.

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