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UKIP Scotland Leader David Coburn responds to Nicola Sturgeon: "We came into the EU as one United Kingdom,  we came into the EU together, so we will leave together".
Press Release
Today, at a European Policy Centre event Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, stated that the Scottish government would be pushing for a double lock mechanism for the EU referendum, whereby a Scottish majority would be required for Scotland to leave.
David Coburn UKIP MEP for Scotland, who spoke at the event, said, "This is just havers of nonsense. Typical SNP gerrymandering of the democratic process, last time they excluded Scots working abroad and serving in the forces, now they want to include any EU national living in Scotland.

"We came into the EU as one United Kingdom, we came into the EU together, so we will leave together. The Scottish people clearly decided that they wanted to remain as part of the United Kingdom so any talk of this double lock mechanism makes a mockery of the Scottish people's decision. We respected the result, now they must too."
The UK is bound by international treaties, and being a signatory of the ECHR is a requirement of EU membership. European Commissioner Viviane Reding confirmed this in an answer to a written question from Nigel Farage two years ago - UKIP MEP Diane James

Press Release

Responding to news of a cabinet split as it emerged that David Cameron has disagreed with Theresa May and Michael Gove over withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights, Diane James MEP, UKIP’s Justice and Home Affairs spokeswoman said:

“The inconsistencies and dishonesty of the Tory position is today becoming clear to all as Gove and May have a public spat with the Prime Minister.

“The plain facts are, while we are members of the EU the UK must be signatories of the ECHR and our Supreme Court is subservient to the European Court in Strasbourg on human rights matters.

“Chris Grayling's eight-page strategy, now taken off-line, promised to 'restore sovereignty to Westminster' through a parliamentary override, breaking the formal link between British courts and the European court of human rights
“Before the election, David Cameron claimed he would reform Britain’s relations with the ECHR.
Once again, Mr Cameron was not occupying the landscape of fact but of PR and spin.
...the EU has learned nothing since

The purpose of the forthcoming EU referendum in Great Britain is not about minute changes to EU rules on migrant benefits, or which vacuum cleaner we can use, but ultimately who governs Britain - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP

Press Release

UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP said:

“Today is the 10th anniversary of the Dutch people categorically rejecting the EU constitution in 2005. It is fair to ask, has the EU learned anything in the meantime? Obviously not, for not only were the Dutch and French voters ignored, but the Irish No vote to Lisbon was also dismissed.

"By chance, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras last night accused the Eurozone’s dominant players of incrementally bringing the ‘complete abolition of democracy in Europe’ and ushering in a technocratic monstrosity. How right he is.

It is not the issue of benefits that matters, it is not even the matter of immigration that must drive the referendum debate. But it’s the issue of who governs Britain - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

Despite what David Cameron would have you believe, it is not about welfare benefits for EU migrants into the UK. What it is about is the simple proposition: Who governs Britain.

Really it is that simple. Should the UK be governed by her own citizens, or should it takes it orders from a crowd of unelected, and unaccountable technocrats based in Brussels?

Everything else is detail, important detail, but detail.

Over the past few years UKIP has focused on the issue of immigration not because immigration is in of itself a bad or good thing, but because while we are members of the European Union the immigration system of the UK is both out of control and skewed for reasons of EU politics rather than the needs of the United Kingdom.
Press release

UKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP, demanded that CBI President, and deputy chairman of Barclays Bank, Sir Michael Rake explain what part his bank has allegedly had to play in the FIFA funding scandal.

Today, Barclays and HSBC
have been named in legal papers filed by the US Department of Justice after millions of dollars in suspect transactions linked to FIFA were allegedly moved through their accounts.

William Dartmouth, UKIP spokesman on trade and MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, said:

"Sir Mike Rake this week used his position as president of the CBI to tell British business they must 'turn up the volume' on the benefits of EU membership, but he did not mention that the biggest of his members, including the BBC, take tens of millions of pounds of hand-outs from the EU institutions.

Press Release
The European Parliament's trade committee backed away from a confrontation with the bloc's trade commissioner on Thursday, supporting proposals by the EU commission to continue ongoing EU-US trade talks. Deputies backed the continuation of negotiations by 28 to 13.
South West
UKIP MEP William Dartmouth has today (28.05.2015) attacked the Labour Party for using underhand parliamentary manoeuvring to ensure UKIP amendments calling for the exclusion of the NHS from TTIP were not voted on.
Three Labour MEPs allowed through compromise amendment 22. This did not specifically include the NHS. In consequence, the UKIP amendments (below) that gave the proper and necessary protections to the NHS were dismissed.
William Dartmouth MEP voted against the Committee's resolution on TTIP as it did not include essential safeguards for the NHS.
He stated that, "TTIP cannot be supported unless the NHS is totally excluded. It seems Labour thinks something different.  Yet again more proof that Labour cannot be trusted to protect our NHS from EU-imposed rules.

by Roger Helmer, Head of UKIP Delegation in the European Parliament

As I write, I’m still not quite sure what the EU referendum question will be.  But “Do you agree that Britain should stay in the EU?” seems a likely option – with all the advantage of “positivity bias” accruing to the “IN” Campaign.  That’s wrong, but I suspect there’s little we can do about it.  Meantime, I’d like to suggest some alternative questions.

Do you believe that the UK has the right, and the ability, to govern itself as an independent, democratic nation?

Do you believe that our laws should be made by politicians that we have elected (and can dismiss), rather than by unaccountable foreign institutions?

Do you believe that Britain should control its borders, so that we can decide on how many immigrants we should admit, and what qualifications they should have?  Do you agree that immigration policy should not discriminate on grounds of nationality (as it does at the moment)?

Do you think that we should be free to remove from the UK foreign nationals who are here illegally, or who have committed serious offences, or are implicated in terrorism?

"When Germany and France say 'ever closer union,' they mean it," says Paul Nuttall, deputy leader of UKIP

Press release
Paul Nuttall, deputy leader of UKIP and MEP for the North West, said: "Finally Germany and France have given up the pretence that they will allow member states to continue to control their own taxation.

"When Germany and France say the EU imperative for "ever closer union" must stand, they mean it - closer political union, closer economic union, closer fiscal union.
"This of course will come as a shock to the people of Ireland. One reason they rejected the Lisbon Treaty in their 2008 referendum was because they rightly feared the new treaty would mean the EU would eventually demand they ended their low rate of corporation tax, on which so much of their prosperity and employment has depended."
"The EU then gave a formal assurance that the treaty would not affect Ireland's corporation tax, and the Dublin government ran a second referendum to which the Irish, tricked by the EU promise, voted 'Yes'."

The idea that we can sustain being the world's second largest donor, after the United States, and ahead of Germany and Japan is just ludicrous - UKIP MEP Nathan Gill

Britain's foreign aid bill has risen by a staggering 30 per cent under David Cameron, damning research has revealed. The Prime Minister has handed out £11.6 billion in 2014, up from almost £9 billion in 2010. The bill has risen faster than any other country in the European Union since Cameron pledged to spend 0.7 percent of our income on foreign aid.

UKIP's International Development spokesman Nathan Gill said: "The arrogance of the political establishment seems to know no bounds. As public services are cut, in some cases to the point of decimation, the Westminster elite carry on as if nothing has changed - giving away borrowed money faster than it can be sensibly spent.
William Dartmouth, UKIP trade spokesman, says questions must be asked about Rake, the EU millions his CBI members soak up, the $2.4bn fine for fraud at the bank of which he is deputy chairman, and his insistence that the euro is a "great success."
Press release
William Dartmouth, UKIP spokesman on trade and MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, said: "Sir Mike Rake this week used his position as president of the CBI to tell British business they must 'turn up the volume' on the benefits of EU membership, but he did not mention that the biggest of his members, including the BBC, take tens of millions of pounds of hand-outs from the EU institutions."
"Worse, within hours of his speech we learned that Barclays Bank, of which he is deputy chairman, was to be fined $2.4bn by the US authorities for fraud in its foreign exchange dealings. But Rake won't 'turn up the volume" on how much rigged forex cost British business during the years Barclays was cheating in a $5.3tn a day market."
EU must stop paying billions to Turkey, a persistent violator of human rights, says UKIP MEP William Dartmouth

Press release


In a debate on the European Commission's Progress Report on Turkey yesterday, William Dartmouth, MEP for the South West and Gibraltar and spokesman on trade, called for the EU to suspend Turkey's pre-accession funding: "This amounts to a staggering figure of €4.45bn (£3.2bn) over seven years."

He said: "Should Turkey become a Member State, Iran, Iraq, Syria would all have borders with the UK.

"The British Liberal Democrats, the British Labour Party, and especially the British Conservatives, are all cheerleaders for Turkey to become a Member State of the European Union. I urge them in the national interest and in the interest of the Member States, to consider that whatever their rationalisation may have been when this policy was originally formulated, the facts on the ground have changed.

Press Release

•  The European aerospace and defence giant Airbus said today it would reconsider investment in the UK in the event of Britain leaving the European Union. Responding UKIP International Trade spokesman, William Dartmouth MEP said:

"Airbus in the recent past has flatly contradicted allegations of stopping investment if Britain leaves the EU.

"In January 2014, Airbus stated that the reason they stay in the UK is because it is a 'competitive place to do business.'

Tom Williams, Airbus UK Chief Executive and Head of Programmes said: "Clearly we have a massive investment in the UK and I don’t think there has ever been a plan to change that. The key issue is for the UK to continue to be a competitive place to do business.'

"Profitable trade and political union are not joined at the hip. Russian and American companies trade with companies in Europe without being part of a political union. Business investment depends on profits not politics.

With Libyan Intelligence services telling us that ISIS terrorists are crossing the Med to Europe, and not just making money from migrant's misery, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said that allowing North African migrants a free run to Europe would imperil the security of European and British citizens.

Speaking in the debate "European Agenda on Migration" today in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, Mr Farage said:

"A month ago, I warned Mr Timmermans that this common EU asylum policy has absolutely no security checks whatsoever and there's a real genuine threat of ISIS using this policy to infiltrate our countries and to pose great dangers to our society. I was laughed at out loud here. People said I had no evidence for it. Well, now even the Libyan intelligence agencies are saying that ISIS are not only making money from trafficking people, but they are beginning to directly send us their terrorists. We have to have another think, we must not allow our compassion to imperil our security."

Details and tanscript
Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker is proposing a mandatory migrant quota system, under which the UK would have to take tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. The short answer to that is “No, Mr. Juncker.  You shouldn’t have let them in to start with - UKIP MEP Roger Helmer

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a plain speaking, clear thinking kind of guy.  He recently commented on the Mediterranean migrant crisis: “If you want to stop the deaths, stop the boats”.  At first sight, this seems like a callous approach.  But there’s nothing callous about saving lives and stopping people-traffickers.

The immediate, instinctive, compassionate approach, “Let ’em all come”, leads to perverse incentives and unintended consequences.  It persuades more and more people to attempt the crossing.  And it acts as a Recruiting Sergeant for the traffickers.  We’re doing their marketing, writing their slogans for them.

“Get on the boat for Europe.  If it sinks, the Italian Coastguard will rescue you.  And either way, you’ll be allowed into the EU, given food and shelter and medical treatment.  And they’ll talk about repatriation, but in effect you’ll be in the EU forever.  Just wait for the next amnesty”.

The Australian approach is different.  “If we find your boat, we’ll tow it back to where you came from.  You will not under any circumstances be allowed to land or settle in Australia”.  This may sound harsh, but it stops the boats, and stops the deaths.

"As long as Britain is in the EU, the UK can be stripped of voting power if it defies EU interpretation of human rights" - Diane James, UKIP MEP and home affairs spokesman
Press release
"Tory pledges to make the British Supreme Court the ultimate arbiter of human rights are a fraud," said Diane James.

"Article 7 (TEU) of the Lisbon Treaty gives the European Council the power to strip a member state of its EU voting rights if it decides the state is in breach of Brussels' definition of human rights.  This is EU law. And since EU law is at all times superior to UK law, as long as we are members of the EU our Supreme Court will be supreme in name only."
"More, Conservative plans to draft a bill to break the link between British courts and the European Court of Human Rights are equally bogus.  The EU's European Court of Justice established decades ago that the European Convention on Human Rights is a document with special significance in the EU law. We have no escape from EU law as long as we are in the EU."

Statement from Steve Crowther, Chairman of UKIP

"As promised Nigel Farage tendered his official resignation as leader of UKIP to the NEC. This offer was unanimously rejected by the NEC members who produced overwhelmingly evidence that the UKIP membership did not want Nigel to go.

"The NEC also concluded that UKIP's general election campaign had been a great success. We have fought a positive campaign with a very good manifesto and despite relentless, negative attacks and an astonishing last minute swing to the Conservatives over fear of the SNP, that in these circumstances, 4 million votes was an extraordinary achievement.

"On that basis Mr Farage withdrew his resignation and will remain leader of UKIP. In addition the NEC recognised that the referendum campaign has already begun this week and we need our best team to fight that campaign led by Nigel. He has therefore been persuaded by the NEC to withdraw his resignation and remains leader of UKIP."

See also: Why I decided I had to stay on as Ukip leader, by Nigel Farage (The Telegraph)
By Nigel Farage MEP

For so many millions of voters to have just one representative simply cannot be right

It is really quite difficult to work out whether the Ukip general election campaign has been a success or a failure. Every pundit predicted that our vote would melt away as the general election campaign neared its completion, and almost every media interview for the past few months began with the inevitable question about the “slide in Ukip support”.

And yet, despite an extraordinary last-minute swing towards the Conservative Party, spurred by the fear of the SNP dominating a Miliband government, the Ukip vote still numbered approximately four million.

This number is only just below what we managed to achieve under proportional representation in the European elections of 2014, in which we came first.
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