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France has activated Article 42, a distress call that compels other EU states to send military and other support.
UKIP Press Release
UKIP Defence Spokesman MEP Mike Hookem said today:
"I agree with the need to defeat Islamic State but any UK involvement should be taken with the approval of our elected MPs in Westminster, not via the back door of some EU Treaty no one has ever read.
"We stand shoulder to shoulder with the French people who have suffered at the hands of extremism but we cannot have our military involved in a world conflict without an democratic accountability.
"I doubt there are many people who knew this solidarity clause existed and that the UK could be dragged into war at the request of any one of 27 other countries.
"We should be looking at an international approach via the UN especially as all the permanent members have now indicated their support for a grand coalition.
UKIP want a relationship based solely on free trade and voluntary intergovernmental negotiation. We want to be good neighbours, not bad tenants. That is more than Cameron is prepared to ask.

By Roger Helmer MEP, Head of UKIP delegation, EFDD group, European Parliament

The first thing to say about Cameron’s promise of a Brexit referendum is that he would never have offered it without UKIP’s stunning success in the 2014 euro-elections, where we became the leading party in terms of vote share and number of MEPs.  Of course Cameron was also under pressure within his own party, but it is clear that the rise and rise of UKIP focused his mind on the issue.

So he has promised to seek “reform” of the EU.  He seems unaware of (or unconcerned about) the fact that for forty years, British politicians have argued that “we should stay in the EU and fight for reform”, and yet have abysmally failed to achieve any meaningful reform.  Harold Wilson in 1975 claimed to have a new deal, but his few cosmetic changes are long forgotten: the dogs have barked, and the EU juggernaut has moved on.  The EU simply doesn’t do reform.

Nor have there been meaningful reforms in recent years.  Instead, an ever-rising tide of regulation and red tape which is trammelling industry and economic growth.
"Perhaps instead of just delivering a speech someone from the IN campaign would like a proper debate on our defence and security so the public can find out what is really going on?" - UKIP MEP Mike Hookem

Press Release

UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem has described the Prime Minister's claims that the UK will be less secure outside the EU as "phony and dishonest".
The Euro MP, who is a member of the European Parliament's Security and Defence Committee said it was "blatantly obvious that successive governments have given power over to Brussels and made this country less secure."
"It seems the lies have started already if Mr Cameron is really going to be telling people that we need a European Military and that shared information on our critical infrastructure makes us stronger: when we hand over information on our power stations and water treatment plants to countries like Romania and Bulgaria we are only as strong as our weakest link.
Brussels wants oversight on national car approvals

Brussels Commission is both incompetent and power-hungry at the same time, says UKIP MEP Jill Seymour

In the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the European Commission is eyeing new powers over the car industry as it prepares a proposal to create centralised EU oversight to monitor national authorities that approve new cars before they are allowed into the market.

Responding, UKIP Transport spokeswoman MEP Jill Seymour said:

“The European Commission asking for control of national vehicle authorisations is like a fox asking for control of the chicken coop. The Financial Times revealed that the Commission knew what was going on for two years about VW emissions and did absolutely nothing. People in the UK who have suffered from emission caused health problems have the European Commission to blame, as it connived in the malpractice.

“The European Commission is now using a crisis, which they knowingly presided over for two years, as an excuse to grab more power over national institutions. This sorry episode shows that the Brussels Commission is both incompetent and power-hungry at the same time.”
William Dartmouth MEP and UKIP Trade spokesman has written to EU Trade Commissioner Malmström demanding that action must be taken to prevent further Chinese steel imports being sold at a lower price of production in the UK, which has already led to the loss of thousands of British jobs.
In the letter [PDF] William Dartmouth MEP stated, "I urge you as Trade Commissioner to effect anti-dumping duties on imports of steel from China entering the EU. These anti-dumping tariffs must be fully proportionate to be able to safeguard the UK steel industry (as well as the steel industry in other EU member states) from further damage occasioned by anticompetitive practices on the part of steel producers in China."
He also highlighted the damage this practice has already on the UK steel sector, "Already SSI has been forced to cut 2,200 jobs in the UK, and Tata Steel a further 1,200 jobs."
Press Release

The British government was badly defeated after boasting about cutting the budget as agreed in Council in 2015, but today (28th October) the European Parliament voted to reject the cuts and instead increase the EU budget 2016 by 4 billion euro.

UKIP MEP and Budget Control committee member, Jonathan Arnott said in response:

"Europhile MEPs have gone for a bunker-busting budget, increasing spending commitments by 4 billion euro. This is a major defeat for Cameron who boasted of getting an agreement to cut the budget at the European Council in 2015. This has been shown to be a sham.

UKIP wanted to save the taxpayers' money and tabled 142 amendments to decrease the budget but of course EU-worshipping MEPs rejected them leaving ordinary people in national states with a bigger bill.

UKIP MEPs voted to cut MEP salaries and cut MEP travel expenses. UKIP put amendments to cut EU special representatives, EU propaganda projects, the EU publication office, the EU House of History museum and the European Parliament TV channel - all failed.

Press Release
The European Parliament today (27.10.2015) voted through proposals on EU phone roaming charges.
Speaking on the proposals in the Parliament, UKIP Industry spokesman Roger Helmer MEP said,
"It will benefit well-heeled executives and business executives and it will result in higher costs for domestic  users. The operators will have lost a major revenue stream, they will seek to recover it and the only place to recover it is from domestic prices."
"We MEPs will get lower prices but ordinary people will pay more. Yet again we see European regulation delivering unintended consequences and perverse incentives.  It is profoundly regressive.
Speaking afterwards Roger Helmer said:
"Non-roaming customers will be subsiding roaming customers. This action by the EU will increase costs for the majority who have less money and influence, to cut costs for the minority. It's a bad law and that is why we are opposed to it."
A Brexit referendum is a golden opportunity for those who wish to resuscitate democracy - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage
Press Release
"We are seeing is an increasingly authoritarian European Union that crushes democratic rights and then actually crows about it" said Nigel Farage in the European Parliament, Strasbourg today before Presidents Juncker and Tusk.

After Italy and Greece had their prime ministers deposed, Farage said, we now have the dismissal of democracy in Portugal, where the President of Portugal, Mr Silva, is refusing elected Left-wing Eurosceptics office on the grounds that they represent anti-European forces .

What we are witnessing, Farage concluded is "the modern day implementation of the Brezhnev doctrine. This is exactly what happened to states living inside the USSR."
By Roger Helmer MEP

The evolution of the immigration crisis, and Europe’s response to it, becomes increasingly bizarre.  If it weren’t so tragic and serious, you could call it farcical.  Yet in a way it’s a metaphor and an example for the sort of knee-jerk compassion that we saw from Simon Schama on BBC Question Time in Dover last Thursday.

Or in that letter from 84 Church of England Bishops insisting the UK admit an extra 30,000 Syrians beyond the 20,000 to which Cameron has already committed.

As I Tweeted when I read the story, I wonder if those 84 Bishops are prepared to house and finance 30,000 more migrants?  Or do they expect the rest of us to pay for their compassion and generosity?

By the way, why does the Church of England need as many as 84 bishops?  I thought they were strapped for cash?  But if we could billet say 100 migrants per Episcopal Palace, there’s 8400 housed straight away.
Press Release
UKIP leader Nigel Farage provoked French President Hollande to admit in a debate in the European Parliament, Strasbourg today that Brexit was a logical choice.

Speaking in the presence of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, the UKIP leader said that we are living in a German dominated Europe which is causing resentment and division. After badly mishandling the migrant crisis, Europe was not an area of peace but of disharmony.

Farage said: there "a bright star on the horizon. It's called the British referendum and given that none of you want to concede Britain the ability to take back control of her own borders a Brexit now looks more likely than at any point in modern time."
President Hollande responded: "We've been going through this for years. If we don't want to strengthen Europe, then there's only one road and I heard what Mr Farage said that the only road is for those who are not convinced of Europe is to leave Europe.

UKIP MEP Mike Hookem speaks out over EUNAVFOR-MED offensive operations in the Mediterranean

Press Release
UKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has branded the EU as “opportunistic chancers” after it was announced that EUNAVFOR-MED was to move into a new phase of offensive operations against people traffickers in the Mediterranean, saying the new role was the “opening gambit” for the creation of combined EU armed forces.
Mr Hookem, speaking from Strasbourg where he has criticised the EU’s handling of Libya and Turkey, said, “The EU is slowly but surely trying to move from the principle of a nation state providing national security; to a more centralised model controlled and commanded from Brussels.”
“The EU is using the current migrant crisis in the Mediterranean as nothing more than an opportunistic excuse for the creation of an EU wide army, navy and air force.”
“If any of the nation states in Europe are to keep any form of independence from Brussels, then keeping control of their own armed forces is critical.”
"The UK would be much better placed to stand up for Gibraltar outside the failed EU structures" - UKIP MEP William Dartmouth, Letter to The Times - "Gibraltar and EU"

Sir, Contrary to the belief of Fabian Picardo (letter, Oct 1), Gibraltarians need have no fear that Brexit would have a negative impact on trade with the EU.

Global trading giants outside the EU — for example, China, the US and Russia — all trade successfully with the EU. 

Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU, exports more per capita to the EU than the UK to the tune of 4.5 times. And on Gibraltar’s financial services sector, I would point out that Guernsey and Jersey (among others), which are not in the EU, do very well in financial services.
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement includes controversial Investor-State dispute mechanism. Sends out dangerous signal on TTIP.

Press Release

William Dartmouth MEP and UKIP trade spokesman commented:
"The inclusion of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism in TTP shows the intent of the negotiators for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). It is not one that is in the British national interest. ISDS will allow for big companies to sue national governments, and that it has been included in TPP sends out a dangerous signal of intent.
"The corporatist trade agreement on offer between the US and the EU gives multinational corporations an unfair advantage over consumers, workers, patients and SMEs. The ISDS mechanism allows corporates to sue states in private arbitration courts. This undermines national courts and national legal systems. This is completely unacceptable."
What mechanism if any has the EU put in place to ensure that migrants distributed to EU Member States via the quota system will stay within the country allocated when that country is in the Schengen area? - UKIP MEP Jane Collins

Speaking at the environs of the European Council Summit this afternoon in Brussels, UKIP MEP Jane Collins said:

"EU ministers have chosen the nuclear option by ramming mandatory quotas upon national governments of the East against their will. This will cause deep resentment in these states and make the EU even more unpopular.

The UK is financially liable for part of this project but has no say. Regarding the migrant crisis, it's all pay and no say.

This is another unacceptable part of EU membership. We know that many migrants in France come across to the UK via Calais.
UKIP votes to uphold Geneva Convention on Refugees to reduce draw factor towards Europe thus saving lives.

Press Release
In the European Parliament, Brussels today, UKIP MEPs voted to uphold Geneva Convention on Refugees to reduce the draw factor for migrants towards Europe thus saving lives.

The party also voted to stop the UK being financially liable for not agreeing to mandatory placement of migrants in the UK.

The new emergency legislation which now goes to the next European Council meeting means that states in the Schengen Area can vote by qualified majority voting. Countries such as Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic which are opposed to taking in more migrants could be forced to do so by Germany, Italy and France.

UKIP was joined in the vote today by colleagues from Sweden and the Czech  Republic.
Speaking before the vote, UKIP’s Justice and Home Affairs spokeswoman, MEP Diane James said:
“Germany seeks to offload the consequences of such an ill-judged, illiterate and incoherent policy by forcing members states to take migrants, bear the costs involved and fundamentally dig Germany out of a self created financial, social, humanitarian and political fiasco.
Germany can bar EU migrants from certain social security benefits even if they have previously worked in Germany, the EU's top court has ruled.

"If EU migrants in the UK are not genuinely seeking work, and pose a large threat to the fairness of the British welfare system, then we must take action to prevent it from being abused."
- UKIP MEP Jane Collins

Press statement by Jane Collins MEP, UKIP Employment spokeswoman
"This is the right judgement in the wrong court because it’s the ECJ that enforces open border rules which facilitate all EU citizens to come to the UK.

"The German and British welfare systems are very different so I would not get too excited about this judgement, as we are not comparing like with like. However, abuse of the welfare system by non-nationals is also clearly becoming an issue in Germany.

"I hope that small businesses will see that more and more churning regulations and red tape coming from the EU is not helpful to them and a vote to leave the EU will give them the freedom to do business anywhere they want." - UKIP MEP Margot Parker

Press Release
Margot Parker MEP, UKIP spokeswoman on small business has demanded that the ECJ stop interfering in British small business after they ruled today that time spent travelling to and from appointments by workers with no fixed office should be classed as working time.
The East Midlands MEP said, "Anything the EU does that adds more red tape to small business simply just holds them back. It stifles innovation and entrepreneurship and they should just simply stay out of legislation for small business.

"It should be a British Parliament accountable to the British people making our laws, and interpreted by a British Supreme Court. While we are members of the EU, the ECJ is the final arbiter of our laws, and this is harmful to our lives and working culture.

"Rather than paying off media outlets to stir the EU advertising swill in a bucket, the EU should return the money to the taxpayers who fund this charade" - UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall

Press Release

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to spend nearly €26 million on a massive new publicity campaign to promote the EU in 2016.

The campaign would be the biggest-ever EU communications effort and is built around the theme of “A New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment.”

Its budget of €25.75 million is slated to be spent on a full suite of communications ranging from billboards to web advertisements, and possibly exhibitions and TV and radio air time.
Responding, UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP said:
"This is a desperate attempt by the EU to paper over the cracks just as it is riven by disunity because of the Euro-induced poverty and migrant crisis.

"When the substance is bad, no amount of taxpayer-funded propaganda will convince people that the EU is either necessary or doing a good job.

04 SEP 2015: UKIP Leader Nigel Farage launches UKIP's national campaign to fight for Britain to regain its ability to govern itself and by doing so regain control of its borders.
EU referendum campaign: 300 meetings and counting

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