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It is the first duty of a British government to provide for the security and welfare and governance of the British people.  It is not their first duty to seek to provide security for the rest of the world, writes UKIP MEP Roger Helmer.

Britain spends nearly £12 billion a year on foreign aid.  By international standards, we are almost grotesquely generous.  We are the second largest aid donor in absolute terms (behind the USA), and the sixth largest in relative terms, at 0.56% of GDP.  Sixth may sound unimpressive, but the top five are all small countries.  We are by far the largest donor, in relative terms, amongst large nations — ahead of the USA (0.19%), and Germany (0.38%).
We in UKIP say that’s disproportionate, and that we should focus first on disasters closers to home, like the recent floods.  And the public seem to agree with us.  A Taxpayers’ Alliance poll found that 69% of the public would like to freeze foreign aid, which the government plans to increase.  Well over 140,000 people signed the Daily Mail’s poll calling for foreign aid to be diverted to British flood victims.

Only this week, an “anti-Ukip” unit will be established within the Labour Party structure. The realisation that we are taking votes from their traditional heartlands has finally reached Labour HQ in London, writes UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP.

Thursday is polling day for the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election, and for many of our party activists who have been pounding the streets it can’t come soon enough.

Normally we’d hope for a longer stretch between the calling of the by-election and the holding of the vote – particularly given the huge hurdle all contenders have to face with the postal vote essentially stitching up the result barely half way through the campaign. We even ran an advert in the local newspaper telling people not to trust postal votes to party activists offering to “help” them. But during this campaign, the level of abuse that we have been subjected to by BNP and Labour activists has been so high that the police had to be called on four separate occasions.

UKIP oppose accession of West Balkan countries, while the LibLabCon support more economic migration to UK

Press Release

UKIP MEP William Dartmouth said after a vote on the West Balkan countries on Thursday in the European Parliament, Strasbourg:

"When European Commissioner Laszlo Andor says that Cameron  is simply 'posturing' over migration, he is telling the truth, except it is not just Cameron but the three old parties together.

"Tory MPs have made a lot of noise about their efforts to restrict Economic mass migration from Eastern Europe.  David Cameron even suggested 6 weeks ago that he would not allow new states to join the EU unless their GDP level reached a certain percentage of that of the UK.
By UKIP Agriculture Spokesman Stuart Agnew MEP

The tortuous three year process of CAP reform is grinding to a conclusion and no one is happy with the results. 28 countries with agricultural activities that extend from 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle to the South west corner of Crete have to be accommodated. Agricultural methods ranging from 550hp tractors in Norfolk to draft oxen in Cyprus as well as cultural differences in animal welfare and hygiene practices, make it impossible.  Land is going to be taken out of production entirely, and even more land is to be wasted growing highly inefficient energy crops.

Complicating all of this is the new ‘co-decision’ rule which means that the European Parliament’s agreement must be obtained alongside that of the Commission and the Council of Ministers. This has slowed things down and resulted in a great deal of ‘no-decision’.  A farming analogy would be that of a ewe with two milking teats and triplets to feed. One lamb usually loses out and the MEPs, desperately hoping for a few crumbs of compromise from the Council, find themselves in this role.
By UKIP MEP Roger Helmer

In a recent blog I referred to Fritz Vahrenholt’s book “The Neglected Sun”.  I’ve been aware of this book for some time, and I’ve met the author a couple of times in Brussels.  It was first published in the original German as “Die Kalte Sonne” (The Cold Sun), but its English title emphasises its key premise: that the IPCC, in attributing climate change primarily to CO2, has ignored the Sun, which Vahrenholt argues has both a larger and a better-proven impact on climate.

Vahrenholt is remarkable, not so much for the book, as for his previous career, and his intellectual journey.  He started out as a socialist politician and passionate environmentalist.  Having studied Chemistry in Münster, he started his professional career at the federal environmental protection agency in Berlin, and the Ministry for Environment of Hesse. From 1984 till 1990 he had a leading role in environmental affairs in Hamburg, and became Senator for the Environment in Hamburg from 1991 to 1997.  A man of impeccable green credentials.
"What you really got in the European Union is a prototype of One World Government"

Our EU masters are now planning a ‘Police Cooperation Plan’ across Europe that will include surveillance and intelligence gathering.  But here is the new bit:  ‘Remote Vehicle Stopping Technology’...  they would have something built in to all new cars that would allow them to press a button and literally stop our car from running - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP


KWN | UKIP Leader Nigel Farage told King World News today that horrifying new “Orwellian” technology is in the process of being put in place in Europe to further tighten government’s grip and control its citizens.  He also discussed a rebellion that is taking place in Europe that has the powers that be deeply troubled.  Below is what Farage had to say in this breaking news story.

Farage:  “Between May 22nd and May 25th, all 28 member states of the European Union will be returning members back to the European Parliament, and there is no doubt that there is quite a strong mood of rebellion in the air.  The authorities are very, very scared that they may have a European Parliament that is very difficult to control...

UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew questions whether migrants arriving from Romania and Bulgaria are being counted

The East of England UKIP MEP, Stuart Agnew, is raising questions about how we will ever know how many migrants have arrived from Bulgaria and Romania, because he believes immigration officials are not keeping count.
Stuart Agnew MEP said:  “I frequently hear that the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians arriving in the UK are much lower than the predictions made by UKIP and other opponents of mass immigration.  As an MEP frequently travelling to and from the European Parliament, I am in the habit of asking UK border control staff:  "Are you counting the Romanians and Bulgarians arriving here?" -  "No sir," is the invariable reply, "it is freedom of movement from those countries".

Miliband's game-plan is to show some ankle to the Lib-Dems in the hope that they might join a Lib-Lab coalition after the election. Yet it’s not impossible that there will be more UKIP MPs than Lib-Dem MPs in Westminster in 2015, writes UKIP MEP Roger Helmer.

People are starting to ask why the Labour Party has not sought to match the Tory pledge of a 2017 EU Referendum — or indeed to go one better and offer a referendum sooner.  The electoral advantage is evident, and I, like many on our side of the fence, had expected that ahead of the 2015 General Election both Tories and Labour would offer an EU referendum.  Indeed I wondered if even the Lib-Dems would yield to the pressure — after all, the mendacious wannabees gave such a pledge last time (although of course they never intended to deliver, and have fought tooth and nail against it ever since).
The realisation has finally dawned that the EU’s damaging green policies, which are driving up costs and undermining energy security, have been very damaging and must change, says Roger Helmer MEP.


Responding to a report on the European Commission's decision to ditch its renewable energy targets after 2020 UKIP Energy Spokesman Roger Helmer MEP said:

“I welcome this move by the European Commission to scrap renewable energy targets because this is good news for consumers, industry and the environment.

It is regrettable that they have come round to face the economic reality so late in the day but we in UKIP should celebrate ‘every sinner that repents’.
"It became clear from the Climategate scandal that the IPCC has been effectively hijacked by a small group of a couple of dozen scientists (“The Hockey Team”) who peer-review each other’s work from a common perspective; who recognise that reality is not following their predictions; and who have been prepared to use underhand methods to defend their position."

By UKIP MEP Roger Helmer

I recently received a letter from a Party Member who is also a physicist, and questions the Party’s position on climate.  I thought it might be of general interest to publish an edited version of his letter, and of my reply.  Naturally I have respected his confidentiality and omitted his name.
Now even the Greeks want to join UKIP, says party Leader Nigel Farage as his latest speech causes a stir

My first speech of 2014 in what the European Parliament jokingly call a “debate” was to the Greek Prime Minister Mr Samaras on Wednesday.

The Greeks have taken over the six-month rotating presidency of the European Council, despite the fact they aren’t even allowed to run their own country.

Mr Samaras gave a speech to the MEPs in Strasbourg in which he said he represented the “sovereign will of the Greek people”.

Well, I’m not sure that’s quite the case when the Greek people are bound to the will of people in foreign countries.

So I told the Greek PM all this in the way I like to do these things at the European Parliament: I gave it to him straight.
…the EU debate just won’t go away!

By UKIP MEP Roger Helmer

The Tory Party has been bedevilled for years by Europe.  Yet its leaders have only themselves to blame.  If only they’d listened to their members, and to the British people, we might have been free and clear by now.  But no.  Again and again, successive Tory leaders thought they knew better than the voters, and they’ve tied themselves in all kinds of knots.

Cameron thought he’d solved the problem by offering a Renegotiation followed by a Referendum in 2017.  This seemed at least to buy some time, and back-bench agitation quietened down a little.  But today (I write on Sunday 12th), it’s back.  Ninety-five Tory MPs have signed a letter drafted by the redoubtable Bernard Jenkin, calling not only for a Westminster right of veto over new EU rules, but a retrospective right of repeal as well.  It’s reported that over 100 MPs, including some Cabinet members, support the letter, but some can’t sign because of the offices they hold.

UKIP has put a number of issues on the agenda of public debate because for the last twenty years we have been talking openly about them, and our surge in support from the public, in elections and in opinion polls, means these issues can no longer be swept under the carpet or ignored, writes UKIP MEP Gerard Batten.

Nick Robinson the Political Editor of the BBC has admitted what we all knew already: that the BBC made a “terrible mistake” on its coverage of immigration over the years. Nick is a personable and professional journalist and he is to be commended for admitting the BBC’s bias on this issue.
But this is not a mistake made on one issue. I have been saying for years the BBC is institutionally politically biased on a range of issues. The main ones are: membership of the European Union, Immigration, and man-made climate change.  Up until now anyone who challenged the BBC’s accepted wisdom on these issues ran the risk of being labelled a racist or a nutcase.

This crisis of powerlessness for the Coalition is an opportunity for Ukip and we expect to gain electoral strength as people turn against unrestricted mass immigration and membership of the EU, writes UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

Happy New Year to Daily Telegraph readers. I am sure 2014 will be a pivotal year in British politics, and I suggest this for a number of reasons.

From today 29 million people from Bulgaria and Romania have untrammelled access to Britain and our labour market. We shall learn very soon that our EU membership and adherence to EU free movement means free housing, free healthcare and free access to the British benefits system for every EU citizen who wishes to come here. At a time when school places are at a premium, when one million young people are unemployed and our transport system is overstretched to breaking point, this is a situation of utmost folly.

EU Trampling our rights through committees, rapporteurs and gobbledygook

By Stuart Agnew MEP

I made two speeches in the European Parliament last week, aimed at exposing another massive power grab by the EU and the infighting that is going on between its institutions over who should have that power.

The first was on a report disguised by the dullest of titles: ‘
Constitutional report on the problems of a multi-tier governance in the EU’, which I described as “a classic example of a how a subject is hidden by committees and rapporteurs” (MEPs responsible for getting the report through Parliament). The real meaning is skilfully disguised in 28 pages of EU gobbledygook.

However, if you look closely enough you find that it is about enhancing the Union’s ‘competencies’, which means increasing the powers of the EU. The word ‘competency’ sounds so much nicer and less emotive than ‘power’, doesn’t it? Power has to come from somewhere and we all know where, from national governments. With each new power grab, national governments grow weaker.

...and it’s a good feeling

By Roger Helmer MEP

I turn up pretty regularly to Committee votes in Brussels.  I don’t kid myself that I can make a huge difference.  I expect to be out-voted by the inbuilt pro-integration, pro-regulation, pro-climate-change majority.  But sometimes votes are fairly evenly balanced, and a single vote can make a difference.  On the Industry/Energy Committee, naturally I vote in what I conceive to be the best interests of my constituents and of our country – in the interest of business and industry and growth and prosperity (and before we start on the howls of outrage – he’s pro-business! – let’s just remember that it’s business and industry that provide the jobs and the goods and the services we all rely on, and pay the taxes that fund our health, education and so on).

But while MEPs on the Committee can table amendments, I rarely do so, because first of all there is already a huge range of amendments to support or oppose (probably too many), and secondly I know that if I table a good, red-blooded euro-sceptic climate-realist amendment, it will simply be voted down and I’ll have wasted my time.

"Mr Cameron does not know how to handle the UKIP threat and immigration because he has fully surrendered to the EU. They control immigration policy not him. He is desperately trying to find a public relations stunt to divert attention – but no one believes it any more," writes UKIP MEP Gerard Batten.

In a blind panic David Cameron is rushing through legislation before 1st January to limit benefits payments to immigrants.

He is only doing this because he is powerless to stop the next influx of migrants fom Romania and Bulgaria when the final restrictions end.  He is desperate to be seen to be doing something in the face of the UKIP electoral threat.

"It would appear that EU bureaucrats are telling the truth while the Conservative Government wishes to string people along with no hope of success or satisfaction. Is the UKIP understanding of the EU gaining traction among Commissioners?” - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP.

Press Release

In an article published 16th December, entitled "Can we move beyond the Maastricht orthodoxy?" EU Commissioner for Employment, László Andor suggested that some Southern European countries “may not be far from a disastrous situation where Eurozone membership and democracy are no longer compatible.”

“Technocratic governments installed in troubled countries during some of the most acute moments of the Eurozone crisis managed to carry out fiscal consolidation and overdue structural reforms but wielded little influence over the Eurozone's aggregate fiscal stance or the use of surplus countries' excess savings; hence they also unsurprisingly failed the electoral test," Commissioner Andor wrote.
The 'leaked' government report on limiting EU immigration and banning EU migrants from claiming benefits is hog-wash because this would be ‘illegal’ under existing EU Directives.

By UKIP MEP Gerard Batten

Last night (Sunday, 15th December) I was interviewed on the Clive Bull show on LBC Radio.  The interview concerned the supposedly leaked Government report saying they would ‘limit EU immigration to 75,000 per year’, and impose other restrictions such as, ‘banning EU migrants from claiming benefits for five years’, and ‘only allowing them to come to work when they have a firm job offer that cannot be filled in the UK’.
I was happy to point out that the Government can do none of these things because they would be ‘illegal’ under existing EU Directives on the free movement of people and non-discrimination against EU citizens.
“E-cigarettes have been a lifeline for many people, but this agreement will have the draconian effect of driving more 'vapers' back to full tobacco cigarettes... If the EU was truly interested in people’s health it would be helping to popularise rather than restrict e-cigarettes.” - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.
« Picture: Nigel Farage with Peter Oborne testing e-cigs at The Telegraph

Press Release

In negotiations last night (16.12.2013) in the European Parliament, MEPs along with representatives of national governments discussed proposals from the European Commission's EU Tobacco Products Directive. Tough new EU rules voted on could see the majority of e-cigarettes forced off the market, in a move which could have dramatic consequences for public health.

A provisional deal between MEPs and national governments could prompt a ban on refillable e-cigarettes and force manufacturers to rely on single-use low-nicotine alternatives.

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