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• Bring on the Big Mac…
Date 10/12/2009 23:48  Author UKIPmeps  Hits 2364  Language Global

MEPs Godfrey Bloom and Paul Nuttall at the eventWe had a bit of fun in the European Parliament last week, mostly at the expense of Sir Paul ‘Macca’ McCartney, who was invited to the parliament by Tory outcast, Edward McMillan Scott, to tell us why we should all go veggie to fight climate change. Of course this was nothing more than a publicity stunt, and I do feel for Macca, as he was totally unaware that he was being used by cynical politicians who will use any mechanism available to justify their own existence. This is why the EU is so keen on climate change and this is also why a bewildered Macca found himself in the European Parliament.


I have to admit that I did give Macca a bit of stick. But quite frankly, he deserved it. We told that he was in the parliament because he was concerned about so-called man made climate change, yet he was half an hour late because he was stuck in traffic from the airport!

Following my rant, I decided to leave the meeting, but then I felt a tap on my shoulder and to my surprise, it was my Lib Dem adversary Chris Davies. Chris asked me to return to my seat so he could ‘insult me.’ Good stuff I thought, I’ve been UKIP Chairman so I know what it’s like to be insulted on a regular basis! If you watch the video, you hear Chris thanking me for returning so he could ‘insult me’, but then the tape stops. So let me fill you in. His speech was very good actually, although I do find his ideas a bit ‘off the wall’ (just as he does mine!).

Anyway, Chris seemed to be suggesting that life expectancy in Manchester and Liverpool is low because people had poor diets. I know he was trying to finger the evil Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders, who force-feed obese Scousers and Mancs and ensure that they have heart attacks in their eighties. You see, that’s the problem with this argument: we are living longer than ever before. For example a study released this week showed the life expectancy in my home town of Bootle is lower than anywhere else in the country. However, people are still likely, on average, to live until they are eighty-three. Yes that is 83!

Compare this to Liverpool and Manchester in the 1920’s, when many people could not afford meat on a regular basis and life expectancy was not much over 50. I bet a poor malnourished kid from the slums of Liverpool or Manchester in the early twentieth century would kill for Big Mac, and who could blame them?

They might be ragged, underfed and malnourished, but at least they weren’t obese and contributing to climate change … Strange on Planet Lib Dem isn’t it?


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