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Nigel Farage: UKIP's immigration policy is built on fairness
Date 04/03/2015 10:39  Author webmaster  Hits 1766  Language Global
Writing exclusively for the Telegraph, UKIP leader Nigel Farage explains exactly what he would do to cut immigration and reform Britain's borders

A few days ago, a poll revealed that the British public think Ukip’s immigration policies are the most appropriate for Britain – in fact more people backed Ukip’s position than every other party combined. I’m not surprised. I’ve known for some time that an ethical, sustainable, Australian-style points system is the best way to control immigration. The only ones not yet convinced of this are the political classes.

David Cameron wrote in a “contract” with the British public in 2010, “If we don’t deliver – kick us out.” One of the promises was the plan to reduce net migration to the “tens of thousands”. Well, migration to the UK has not just increased, but stands at nearly 300,000 people per year – up from 196,000 under Labour’s government in 2009. You can’t trust Labour, and you can’t trust the Tories on immigration.

People want to know more about Ukip’s policies. The issue of mass migration is one of the most important to British people, and as we aspire to hold the balance of power after the election, we have an obligation to set out our stall.

So let me say we believe that migration into the United Kingdom is too high. It’s affecting the NHS. It affects policing, school places, infrastructure, wages, and the make-up of local communities. This is why Ukip wants to see a Migration Control Commission – with a remit to bring down net immigration, while assuring the right number of highly skilled workers from across the globe are able to enter.

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