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Why multiculturalism has failed Britain, France and every other country
Date 17/01/2015 18:51  Author webmaster  Hits 1712  Language Global
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage argues why multiculturalism has failed and insists we must stand by British muslims to defeat the evil of terror - Daily Express


No one need be reminded so soon of the Paris attacks that left 12 dead last week. And yet the lumps returned to our throats last night as we heard breaking news of terror raids in Verviers in Belgium.

Another atrocity avoided, perhaps – but sadly a stark reminder that the enemies of freedom will not stop until we stop them, and tackle the causes at the root of these heinous crimes.

I gave a speech in the European Parliament this week which I hope you might watch.

It was, broadly, about the solidarity that we must show with the people of France – but also, I mentioned that the sort of posturing that is often done by political figures in perilous times is not enough — the people of respective European nations want action.

And they want action because we’ve seen and heard this all before, and yet we still contribute to the root causes of the problems, and fail to address issues in favour of, say, fighting costly wars abroad.

I think it is time we broke the vicious cycle of war and terror, and end the Bush-Blair era for good.

All well and good you might say: but how?

I won’t claim to have all the answers. But I have a few ideas which are backed up by the hard evidence.

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