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Question Time was NOT about Brand but raised how we are failing children
Date 15/12/2014 16:21  Author webmaster  Hits 1748  Language Global

By UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, MEP

It was a cautionary tale in Canterbury last night.

As Hillare Bellc put it, 'The stocks were sold; the press were squared: The Middle Class were quite prepared', but in the end it blew up in his face when a member of the audience asked Mr Brand a pretty simple question. 'If you want to change the world', he said 'stand for election!'

Brand, darling a of a million Twitter feeds was stumped. This hair-sprayed fop, who moments before coming on stage had his personal stylist - no license fee paid BBC worker was as good enough for him, oh no - had his personal stylist straighten his chest hair and precisely apply his lip salve with her fingertips, Mr Brand could not respond?

In fact almost nothing he said was relevant or apt. It was if he had stumbled across Mao's little red book and fed it through a booky-work word generator.

The Question Time production team must have been deeply disappointed.

But importantly the audience brought forward one of the key questions of our time. Why are we failing our children?

It was interesting to be in Kent when the thorny question of education was thrown up.

This week we had the devastating report from the Schools Inspectorate.

It revealed that more than half of the brightest children going through our secondary system were being failed.

That the number of children attending school that are attending schools that themselves are failing has risen over that past few years from 100,000 to 170,000.

This is simply not good enough. Worse still we know that social mobility in the last 40 years has collapsed, it is now worse that it has been for decades.

Politics, law, even acting and sport is now dominated by privately educated people.

Whats appalling about this is this collapse in social mobility is the direct result of deliberate, well meaning (oh, it's always well meaning) political decisions.

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