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LibLabCon cost you more money and do you more harm
Date 28/11/2014 13:57  Author webmaster  Hits 3027  Language Global
...UKIP are proudly different

by Jim Carver MEP

UKIP and other Eurosceptic MEPs propose a motion to hold the scandal-ridden head of the European Commission to account and lo and behold a big article appears in Daily Mirror attacking UKIP. Miracles never cease.

The headline of the article reads “Farage didn't turn up to his own no-confidence motion vote at the European Parliament.” The motion was initiated by the Eurosceptic 5 Star Movement from Italy with the assistance of UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe. The motion was simply never initiated by Nigel Farage.

The Labour affiliated newspaper is so desperate and so out of date that in its graphic on UK MEPs attendance, only 3 out of 10 people named are currently MEPs. All the LibDem MEPs named lost their seats in last election.

Of the 10 people named, only Paul Nuttall, Nigel Farage and Charles Tannock (Conservative) are still members of the European Parliament.

It claims that UKIP MEPs are low attendees but fails to state that Stuart Agnew, Tim Aker, and Patrick O’Flynn have a 100% voting record in this parliamentary term, while other UKIP MEPs such as Margot Parker, Bill Etheridge, Roger Helmer Jonathan Arnott, and Jim Carver all have voting records between 95-100 % signalling they were in the EP all that time. But of course, the Mirror was only looking for a cheap trick.

What about UKIP MEPs with a lower attendance? Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall are leader and deputy leader of UKIP respectively. They spend a huge amount of time speaking in public meetings up and down the country as well as attending Party meetings on a frequent basis. Other UKIP MEPs like the two leaders also spend  much time speaking at universities, sixth form colleges, chambers of commerce and countrywomen's associations.

UKIP MEPs are among the hardest working in the country. Nigel Farage regularly has 18 hour working days - debates, public meetings, TV and radio appearances take time and preparation. That is what UKIP MEPs are up to. On the Thursday of the Juncker vote he was in London on TV speaking about the huge increase in the number of EU immigrants coming to the UK, of course, facilitated by EU legislation created by people like sole remaining LibDem MEP Catherine Bearder.

UKIP as a party works for British withdrawal from the EU. The party does not wish to help the EU work or get better. The party campaigns to get out of the EU and has been very effective in making that argument in the public square. That is the reason they are attacked.

Some UKIP MEPs like Farage and Nuttall elect to forego as they see it, beating their head against a brick wall in an EU committee where they are consistently outvoted and instead devote their time and energy to matters at home. In the process they save the taxpayer a fortune.

The other parties make sure their members attend and pick up an extra 260 pounds per day for their presence.

Catherine Bearder is a LibDem MEP you have probably never heard of. She has an attendance record of 99%.

She is also the top junketeer among British MEPs. She loves foreign trips at taxpayers’ expense.

She has cost you a lot of money, but to what end?

Labour, Tories, Lib Dems are the most expensive MEPs in terms of the money they pick up.

Some LibLabCon MEPs may be high attendees, but that is at a high cost to the British taxpayer. They consistently attend, ramming through laws giving more power to the EU, of course never forgetting to take home an extra 260 pounds per day for their trouble.  Sometimes, it would appear there is a conflict of interest going on.

In September 2010 the LibLabCon voted in the European Parliament to introduce a European financial authority. This  new institution  massively extends the ability of the undemocratic EU to dictate to and harm the City of London.

UKIP recently tabled an amendment at Plenary to repatriate control of British fisheries from the EU to the House of Commons. All LibLabCon parties voted against it. The European External Action Service costs the European taxpayer half a billion pounds per year. UKIP voted against it being set up, while the MEPs of the LibLabCon all voted in favour of it.

UKIP are different, we don't want the EU to work better, we simply want to extract ourselves from its grasp.

UKIP MEP are essentially different from the europhile LibLabCon and have different priorities. UKIP MEPs use the European Parliament as a platform to advocate British withdrawal from the EU, MEPs of the LibLabCon use it as a cash-cow to milk the taxpayer and assent to give more power to the EU. Both groups are different in purpose and fact.

There are many measures of success in political life, vote attendance is only one of them. No-one can deny that UKIP have been very successful in their campaign to change the debate about the EU in the United Kingdom. UKIP are different from the Establishment political class and take it as a badge of pride.

* Mirror article here.