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EU Commission 'the enemy of the very concept of democracy' - Nigel Farage
Date 22/10/2014 18:08  Author webmaster  Hits 2356  Language Global
Farage denounces new European Commission as “the enemy of the very concept of democracy” and tells Juncker his new Commission is made up of “non-entities” most MEPs can’t even name. It will be the last European Commission to govern Britain, says UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP.


UKIP Press Release

As Jean-Claude Juncker introduced his new European Commissioners to the European Parliament today, UKIP leader Nigel Farage stood at his front row seat in the chamber and told him “this is a pretty much a bunch of non-entities.” He said “the one from Britain is so obscure, his name Lord Hill should be ‘Lord Who?’ Because you know the British public couldn’t pick the bloke out of a line-up.”

Farage told Juncker: “I don’t think that the European public or commentators understand what the European Commission really is. The Commission is the executive, it is the Government of Europe and it has the sole right to propose legislation. It does so in consultation with 3,000 secret committees staffed mainly by big business and big capital and all the legislation is proposed in secret.”

“Once something becomes a European law, it is the European Commission themselves who have the sole right to propose repeal or change of that legislation.”

“The means by which the European Commission makes law and holds law is actually the very enemy of the concept of democracy itself, because it means in any member state there is nothing the electorate can do to change a single piece of European law.”

UKIP would vote against the Commission, “not on the basis of individuals,” but because the Commission was “an anti-democratic form of government.” And while “Mr Cameron masquerades as being an EU opponent,” Farage noted “that the Conservatives are so brave that they are even going to abstain.”