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EFDD Group back with a bang. Normal transmission resumed
Date 20/10/2014 18:17  Author webmaster  Hits 2299  Language Global
EFDD Group Press Release

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Nigel Farage MEP, Co-President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group in the European Parliament, along with Co-President David Borrelli MEP, announced that a single new Polish member, Robert Jarosław IWASZKIEWICZ has joined the group. His signature was submitted to the Parliament administration service today at 3pm.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage commented: "To paraphrase Mark Twain 'Rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated.' The Eurosceptics are now back with a bang, indeed we have never been away.

"Last week we were done over by the Feds, [European Federalists] but today the EFDD Group is alive obviously having friends in the very highest places.

"In wireless terms, the radio signal was weak for a few days but normal transmission has now been resumed.

"European Parliament President Schulz's part in trying to shut us down last week was contemptible. It was manipulative backroom politics of the worst kind. But in his eagerness to silence the Eurosceptic voice he acted prematurely.

"EU Federalists will be sitting in a corner somewhere slowly rocking muttering the words 'please make the Eurosceptics go away' over and over. We will now make the EU's centralising fanatics regret their short-lived bout of hubris."

EFDD group co-president, David Borrelli said, "The EFDD group continues to exist despite the clear political will of Establishment groups to make it disappear."

Polish MEP, Robert Jarosław IWASZKIEWICZ said, "As a delegation member of the Congress of New Right I wanted to help the vital and unique Eurosceptic group in the European Parliament. I joined the EFDD Group because of two important values - opposition to EU bureaucracy and support for free markets so firmly supported by the UKIP delegation."

There was a formal announcement of the dissolution of the EFDD Group today at the opening of the European Parliament by President Schulz at 5pm.

The EFDD Group has 48 members from 7 different nationalities. 

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