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Farage: Rochester is high noon for Cameron - he'll face leadership challenge if he loses
Date 18/10/2014 13:58  Author webmaster  Hits 1550  Language Global
The Rochester by-election is for me, for Ukip and of course for the brave Mark Reckless, political high noon. For Cameron too. - Ukip Leader Nigel Farage MEP (Express)

The Ukip narrative is changing so quickly, I can barely keep up, let alone the swathes of commentators in Westminster who have become too reliant on reporting a status quo over the last decade that they simply cannot get their head around what is currently happening in UK politics.

Whether old Labour voters, traditional Tories, disenfranchised non-voters or even the odd ex Lib Dem, one thing that unites what seem a disparate band of supporters is the appetite for change.

Of course that sounds like typical politician's cliché. All votes represent change, be it a new government, a fresh manifesto, or the turning of the page into a brighter future. But it's more than just policy. My feeling is that many voters have grown weary of the political game itself.

For decades now the two main parties have passed power between themselves, and never had to face the prospect of actually having to listen to the voter. They were either in power, or in opposition, and focussed entirely on outfoxing the party on the opposite benches.

Politics has become a battle of PR powerhouses, swaddling increasingly merging policy positions. The real function of Parliament, to represent and deliver democracy, has been eclipsed by an obsession with maintaining an ever-professional media façade.

So it is no surprise to see the Conservatives pulling every trick out of the book in a desperate attempt to save Rochester from turning purple. The psephologists Goodwin and Forde rate Rochester as 271st of favourable Ukip seats; hardly promising odds. And yet the tides are turning so quickly that Cameron and Crosby are having to resort to their desperate dark arts.

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