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Panorama Hit Job on UKIP
Date 13/10/2014 19:13  Author webmaster  Hits 4443  Language Global
Statement by Gerard Batten MEP
Panorama filmed an interview with me during the European elections in April. They said that they wanted to focus on UKIP’s electoral prospects, and the kind of people who support us.
I agreed to be interviewed in June, and a Panorama presenter came to Romford to film me there. He then asked for a further interview at my office. During the interview it became apparent that he was more interested in trying to dig up dirt on Nigel Farage than talking about politics.
Since then various sources have informed me that they were contacting people long-ago disassociated from the Party and I believe, attempting to procure hearsay evidence regarding  various unfounded accusations.
I am sorry to conclude that Panorama is planning a hatchet job on UKIP, far removed from what I was led to believe I was participating in. I am very sorry that this once again supports my view that the BBC is institutionally politically biased. The BBC is of course on the Brussels payroll, the EU gave the BBC €24,435,906 (£19.2m) in funds between 2007-2012, Panorama didn't mention this.

Subsequently I learned that the Panorama activist had contacted many people with some association with UKIP historically in order, I believe, to manufacture a hatchet job, rather than make an objective  programme.  I emailed the presenter saying that I was of the opinion that had been misled, and was withdrawing my consent for the BBC to use any of the interviews they had filmed with me. I now regret having agreed to take part.
BBC Panorama has sent out a search party to find disgruntled has-beens and anti-UKIP rent-a-quotes to participate in their endeavor. They could have done a programme about the politics and progress of UKIP, but instead focused on old unproven allegations and innuendo from the distant past. Sadly, Panorama no longer lives up to the reputation it once had.


Gerard Batten
Member of the European Parliament for London
UK Independence Party

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