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Cameron is UK manager, not Prime Minister
Date 12/05/2010 13:03  Author webmaster  Hits 2175  Language Global

With David Cameron now confirmed as Britain's Prime Minister, Lord Pearson has warned him not to get ideas above his station.

The UKIP leader said: "David Cameron may now be our Prime Minister but he is not the head of our Government. He is merely the managing director of the UK part of the European Union.

"Now he and his party have leapt into bed with the Liberal Democrats, any pretence that they will staunch the flow of our freedoms and liberties to Brussels must be forgotten.

"Now more than ever we need a referendum on our relationship with the European Union, because we cannot trust this new Government to do anything but bow down to any decision, directive and diktat from Brussels."

However, UKIP leaders are also toasting the fact that a warped Lib-Con coalition will probably result in a fairer voting system.

A Party spokesman said: "It is remarkable, but not surprising that the two parties most different to each other in parliament have sold themselves out in their desperate greed for power.

"While we are members of the EU, it doesn't matter who is in government.

"On the day the EU announces it wants to take control of the UK banking system - the one institution that can help us out of this mess - it is more difficult than ever to see how this yellow Tory government will be able to do anything different to Labour in the coming years.

"Now the Tories will have to water down their promise for stronger immigration controls and their dubious pledge to prevent the EU taking more controls of our laws. This is not a Tory government brave enough to make the decisions needed to get Britain out of the mess Brown got us into - it's yellow."