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Cameron's speech may have been 'Ukip Lite' - but he won't deliver
Date 05/10/2014 14:20  Author webmaster  Hits 1601  Language Global
The next time I write this column, we will have the results of two Parliamentary by-elections, both of which see Ukip as a front runner, writes UKIP Leader Nigel Farage in the Daily Express.

Of course, a week is a tremendously long time in politics. It's been less than a week since we learned we would see a third by-election, driven by the defection of Mark Reckless to Ukip, who like Douglas Carswell before him, put principle before party and bravely chose to test his decision by public vote.

The core belief in direct democracy is the driving factor for both of these honourable MPs, who no longer feel that the mandate upon which they were elected by their constituents is being upheld by the Government and the party which they had once represented.

Ukip is of course the greatest champion of direct democracy and politics proper and fully support both men's noble decision to let the people be the boss.

The general public has become so conditioned to accepting a two-party political system, that Left and Right no longer represent different sets of beliefs, and neither party needs commit to seeing through promises made on election material.

Both parties have become so complacent due to the death of dependency on the voter, that they have been happy to exchange power between themselves and focus their energies on trying to gripe at and outsmart the other.

Actually taking the time to stop and listen to you, and what you have to say, has long since passed, and you, as a result, have all but given up on actually believing that anything will change with a change of Government.

But then along came Ukip. We did something different. We took debate back to politics proper. We spoke up for the things you were saying, we faced down the storms of abuse from the establishment and we pointed out that it is the ignorance of the political class that has led to the mess the country is in, not the ignorance of the voter who dares to speak out about it.

We have been called every name under the sun, for publicising views over the past few years that the other parties are now falling over themselves to endorse, no longer side-lining the big issues to the dustbin of taboo, but adopting them as empty promises they will try to sell to you at the ballot box.

This was particularly evident during David Cameron's address to the Conservative Party conference. A speech which many would describe as Ukip Lite.

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